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Dave Andrews 

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These days we see more and more shows about getting sober popping up on TV. We have seen Mel Gibson’s rants when he is intoxicated. Lindsay Lohan could probably give you a few good hours on the subject as well. But it is not only Hollywood with the problem…22 million Americans have a drinking problem. Kinda sad that the number is that high. I was shocked when I saw that…but it really makes me wonder how many more there are that have not been counted? Well if you are one of those Americans or know someone who is, with the economy the way it is, have you thought about how much money you are spending on alcohol and how that is affecting your life? How it is doing for your relationship? Must be working wonders! Oh, and let’s not forget the health risks those doctors tell you about and what alcohol is doing to your body? Do you care? Well you should and our next guest is here to help. His name is Dave Andrews. I am not going to tell you his story, I am going to let him do that. But he has developed a system “The Sobriety Solution” with DVDs and a workbook to help you recover, reclaim and re-invent your life without alcohol. And it is our pleasure to welcome Dave Andrews to Your Life Matters.

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