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Anne D.

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We all have to go to the pharmacy time and time again. Some more than others. Whether it be in a large box store or a small local drug store in your town or city, you have all seen and maybe even talked with the local pharmacist. They are there to answer your questions about your medicines and be sure you stay well informed about your insurance coverage. Ever wonder who these people are? How trustworthy are they? Let’s think for a second…your prescription calls for 60 pills before the next refill…do you take them home and count them? How do you know you got 60 and not 58 or 55? You trust your pharmacist. They are good, honest people and almost all of them are. But like everything else, there may be a few with a problem. What if you were only getting 57 pills and the pharmacist was taking 3 for him or herself? What if the pharmacist has a drug problem? Almost like a kid in the candy store! Well today we are going to go down that avenue. Our guest today was a wife. Mother, Sunday school teacher, a 29 year registered pharmacist and a full-blown addict. This is her story. It’s a story of struggle, myths about addiction, some serious health issues and the long road to recovery. The book we will be discussing today is titled, “The Best Pharmacist”. Please welcome to Your Life Matters Anne D.