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Barbara Berger

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Have you ever had someone say to you, "what world are you living in?" Or maybe someone said to you "snap out of it and come back to reality." If you are like me you have probably wondered, well wait... what actually is reality? I mean what constitutes reality? Is it my reality or your reality you want me to enter? We have covered many topics on our shows. Today might be one of the best shows you will listen to in a long time. Here is today's question..."Are you letting your life be run by your thoughts and unrealistic expectations?" Seriously, are you present in the moment right now, listening to this intro? Maybe you are lost in a flood of thoughts racing through your head right now? Are you awake? Today our guest will explain what we mean by "are you awake." It is a truly insightful subject. You actually might find it hard to pay attention with all of the thoughts racing through your mind. Our guest today has been a seeker all her life. In all of the books she has written, she seeks to communicate in modern language her understanding of the science of consciousness and mind – and of ancient spiritual wisdom and principles. They attempt to point out practical ways out of suffering to peace and harmony. The book we will be discussing today is titled " THE AWAKENING HUMAN BEING - A GUIDE TO THE POWER OF THE MIND." Written with Tim Ray, please welcome best-selling author, lecturer and counselor Barbara Berger.

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