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Dr. Arthur Bernard

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Looking for answers to pressing life questions but coming up empty? Our next guest, Dr. Arthur Bernard has the must read book for you. Titled, “Sleep, Dream and Grow Healthy, Wealthy and Wise in clear and simple language, Dr. Bernard shows you how to harvest the abundant wisdom and treasures of the dreaming mind. More than that, he demonstrates how dreams are the best, most direct way for creative problem solving. What he teaches will empower and inspire you. What you learn will change your life and transform the way you think about yourself and the world around you.

For the past several years Dr. Bernard was employed by a professional education service company that sponsored his Dream Workshops for mental health professionals. His lengthy clinical experience has provided a strong theoretical and practical foundation for discussing dreams in a lay format. Aside from his private practice in Sherman Oaks, Calif., Dr. Bernard founded and ran the Dream Center in The San Fernando Valley, Calif., where he taught people in both individual and group settings how to recall, use and understand their dreams to enrich their lives.

Dr. Bernard takes dreams from the mystical and incomprehensible realm and makes them practical and plausible. He is known for his ability to take the mystery out of dream work, has a delightful teaching style, keen sense of humor, and creates a supportive atmosphere where learning is playful as well as challenging. He also has a strong Jungian orientation in his dream work.

Click here to visit author's website
Click here to visit author's website