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Melissa Binstock

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One of the fears that many of us have when we talk about getting old is the amount of medicines we will have to take. You have probably seen the pill bottles at your grandparent’s home. Even I have a pill box for AM & PM for each day of the week. But what if you were young and had to take all of these meds? What if you were only 11 and taking 15 different medications? What if you had already seen 10 different doctors and been diagnosed with six different disorders and had already attended 5 different schools? Sorta changes the picture does it not? That is not supposed to happen during our youth. That is supposed to be a time of development, learning and fun is it not? You are supposed to spend your time in the park playing with your friends…riding your bike…swimming…playing ball…basically having fun. For our guest today the first 19 years of her life has been different. She has spent most of her time in doctor’s offices, and hospitals, treatment centers. Today we are going to talk about a book titled Nourishment: Feeding My Starving Soul When My Mind And Body Betray Me. This is an important book for teens who may be suffering from mental illness, peer acceptance issues, and eating disorders. It is a story of searching for love and acceptance…a story about wanting life….something every teen longs for. Please welcome to Your Life Matters author Melissa Binstock.

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