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Barry Boschelli

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Let me take you back to the 1950s on the North side of Chicago. 2 childhood friends. They were Boy Scouts together, sang Christmas Carols together, played practical jokes on neighbors, basically did everything together. What if your friend grew to become one of America’s most gruesome serial killers by the name of John Wayne Gacy? What if you almost became victim #34? Well our next guest was this other childhood friend. Author Barry Boschelli joins us today to talk about his book, “JOHNNY AND ME: THE TRUE STORY OF JOHN WAYNE GACY”. 

Johnny and Me is a true story about my childhood experiences growing up in the northwest side of Chicago with John Wayne Gacy. This story details the everyday life experiences in my and Johnny's homes. Details of our families are in the book along with the understanding of each of our parents as they raised us in the 1940's and 1950's. Many of these stories included are of my personal life before Johnny came on the scene in order to let the reader understand my point of view as my life unfolded. I have tried to show you the Johnny that I remember as a childhood friend and I hope that I have been as accurate as I can be on this subject. Various moments of joy, anger, and fear are shared between the two of us as we tried to have a normal childhood in the midst of anxiety and confusion that was brought on by our father's abuse of alcohol and demanding personalities. The story portrays how our environments molded our characters and helped us to make choices in our adult lives. Details regarding our reactions to everyday events supply hints of how Johnny and I would function in our separate social worlds as we matured. Johnny's possessive nature is described as we went playing normal childhood games and making new friends. His religious experiences are mentioned and a complete description of his controlling personality is shared as one of Johnny's ways to cope with his surroundings. Other details of Johnny's life are revealed such as his early desire to be in the spotlight of social applause. The book concludes with my personal emotions about a friend whose life went the wrong way. His childhood, along with my own, could have been different.


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