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Barbara Boughton

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Today’s subject we are going to discuss is cancer. Unfortunately just about everyone listening knows someone who has or has passed from cancer. Cancer experts say more people than ever before are now likely to develop the disease at some time. Now here is the promising news, with early detection the chances of surviving are also improving. You have heard us many times on this show emphasizing the importance of early detection and treatment for disease. Today we are going to talk with Medical Writer Barbara Boughton. Along with Dr. Michael Stefanek, edited by Dr. Ted Gansler and co-published along with the American Cancer Society they have brought us the amazing book “Reduce Your Cancer Risk”. The book will give you the most up-to-date information on personal risk assessment, life style changes, preventive health strategies, genetic counseling, preventive anti-cancer medications and all of the latest cutting edge research. It is our pleasure to welcome co-author Barbara Boughton to Your Life Matters.

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