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Constance Victoria Briggs

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Here is today’s question…did you know that Ernest Hemingway, Tony Bennett and Cark Jung all had near death experiences? How about honest Abe Lincoln, our 16th President…did you know that he used spiritualism during the Civil War to obtain military information? Well you are in good company, because before I read the book we will discuss today, I knew little or nothing about some of these events. But I am going to take it a step further…What if you had an A-Z type book, an Encyclopedia that would help you learn the difference between protoplasm and poltergeists, or about fairies, gnomes or shadow people? Well there is such a book and we will be spending today’s show talking about what Shakespeare called the world of spirits, the realm that we inhabit after death, the “undiscovered country.” The book is titled “Encyclopedia of the Unseen World.” It is the ultimate guide to apparitions, death bed visions, mediums, shadow people, wandering spirits and so much more. Please welcome to our show, researcher and author Constance Victoria Briggs.

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