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Claudia Broome

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Rugby Jones had it all. Top dog on the beautiful Pennsylvania horse farm, keeping the other cat and dogs in line, helping his mistress Claudia with the horses – rascally Rugby lived the quintessential “dog’s life”. But all that changed on that tragic day when another dog injured him beyond repair. Rugby Jones was paralyzed, his lower back ruined. “Put him out of his misery,” everyone said. But Claudia refused to accept common wisdom. She knew Rugby Jones had the will and courage to overcome. If they both worked hard together – the way they always did – Claudia and Rugby would find a way for him to walk again. It is a story of hope, trust, courage and unconditional love that we all, young and old can learn from. The name of the book we will talk about today is “THE “TAIL” OF RUGBY JONES: A Rascal’s Journey from Disability to Ability” and we are proud to have motivation speaker, coach and author Claudia Broome join us today on Your Life Matters.

Author Claudia Broome, noted motivational speaker, author, and coach has written this very personal account of her extraordinary relationship with her Pembrooke Welsh Corgi Rugby Jones.

She and Rugby live near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with Miracle the cat, Katie, the little Jack Russell, and his two other well-loved canine pals, Grappa and Danny Boy.

Heart, love, courage, loyalty and faith…all rolled up into one dog named Rugby Jones. Rugby Jones is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who lost the use of his hind legs. He offers encouragement to everyone who must live with and overcome the pain of any handicap.

This is a true story. Author Claudia Broome, better than anyone, knows the character and voice of her rascally dog Rugby Jones. When a freak accident paralyzed her beloved pet, she realized he owned the courage and determination to recover. Together they worked out a different kind of life for Rugby Jones – and in the process grew even closer than before.

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