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Anthony G. Catalano

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Now waking to your new day.
Remember, to blossom, the colors, you are today.
Watering each other, along the way.
We will share a garden, so plentiful and new.
This will be a garden bouquet, of me and you

The power of the human mind is boundless. When you think positively you elude confidence and cheerfulness and you are likely to elicit positive responses from the environment than someone who is a pessimist. Optimism CAN change one’s life! The book we will be discussing today is “I Prescribe A Positive Vibe”. It is a book for person growth. A collection of short essays that will motivate positive thinking. And our guest today is author Anthony G Catalano.

Anthony Catalano born in New York City on February 14th, 1961 to the parents of Vito and Gloria. In my first 24 years, I was an avid sports athlete, bartender, construction worker, cook, and motel manager. On December 2nd, 1985 while working I had a construction accident that left me a C4/C5 Quadriplegic. After adjusting to this new life style, I had a defining moment. I made a decision that I would challenge myself to overcome this life altering circumstance. So after soul searching I went back to school, and also learned how to drive with adaptive equipment in my van which gave me more independence. Now gaining control in this new challenge of life, I was finding happiness in my new world. I always was a very competitive person which helped me at this time in my life. Now 24 years later, married 16 years to my beautiful wife Linda, I am blessed to still have love in my heart and love for others. I believe in family traditional values, surround yourself with great friends, and love my Lord Jesus. With all these elements in my life, I found myself having a passion to write in hopes of making the world a better place. Giving a different view on all of life's trials and tribulations of you and I. Positive thinking is inner wealth and health. I hope we all can continue to grow and love as our journey continues. Have love in your heart...this is where it must start. Remember, giving is receiving. Always do your best, this is your daily test.


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