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Dr. Dave Clarke

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Dr. Dave Clarke is our guest who gives us insightful information on stress related illness and how sometimes doctors are unable to find anything wrong with you. He has written the book "They Can't Find Anything Wrong".

In many illnesses that bring someone to a doctor, the cause cannot be found with medical tests. This occurs when the symptoms come from hidden stresses in a patient's life that leave no physical damage. The symptoms are quite real, however, and may occur anywhere in the body. This condition, called stress illness, can be mild or severe and causes symptoms in millions of people that may last for years.

Now there is a new approach to this common problem.

Since 1983, Dr. David Clarke has successfully cared for thousands of patients with stress illness. His techniques for diagnosis and treatment are described in the book They Can’t Find Anything Wrong! Like a check-up for hidden stresses, it is written for the average reader, includes dozens of inspiring stories and is endorsed by leading medical school professors.

In his approach to alleviating symptoms, Dr. Clarke goes beyond the typical lifestyle/stress management guides with his perceptions about finding and removing hidden impediments to lasting and meaningful change.  Moreover, They Can’t Find Anything Wrong! also addresses longstanding problems in the health care system that let so many patients fall through the cracks between disease diagnosis and mental health treatment.

Throughout the book, Dr. Clarke uses numerous case histories of patients he has treated.  The stories in They Can’t Find Anything Wrong! are carefully selected to help readers uncover their own hidden stresses.  This is the essential first step toward understanding and alleviating stress illness symptoms.  Many of the stories are also moving and inspiring.


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