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Terrell Clima

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Our guest was Terrell Clima. Her compelling and heart-felt story is captured in her book "Don't Pull That Plug". The book talks about her husband's accident and recovery. Compelling story everyone needs to hear! Months after doing her interview we still are amazed by her story!

With each inspiring word comes a deeper meaning of what love and faith truly is. DON’T PULL THAT PLUG will not only inspire you, it will touch your emotions as well. Author Terrell L. Clima opens a part of herself that is bound to stir emotions and touch lives.

The pages of this book will bring you to an amazing story of a woman whose husband has had a horrific accident. The resultant voyage begins in a situation similar to a Stygian hell; yet her faith transforms the situation, day by day, into a journey of hope and redemption. Terrell’s courage and love, along with her undying faith in God, allow her and her husband to heal and begin the long journey back to life and love.

Everyone who has had to deal with trauma, disappointment, and roadblocks in the journey of life should read this account. This wonderful account of overcoming unbeatable odds will give hope and redemption to people who have had to cope with addiction or have a loved one who has been an addict.

With two hundred and fifty-four pages of thought provoking and insightful read, DON’T PULL THAT PLUG is a must-read volume that takes you to a journey of surviving obstacles and holding on to one’s faith. A moving story about love and faith, this book will not only inspire you, it will also give you something new to think about.

This is Ron and Terrell Clima and they would like to invite you into their journey, a journey that all began in February 2005, when Ron hit a tree on his motorcycle. Their journey is one that will take you to places they never thought they would go. They are telling it to help others who are put into the place they have come through, a place where you have to make the biggest decision of your life, to Pull or Not Pull that Plug.

The Clima’s have only begun their journey – at four years posttraumatic brain injury they are more excited than ever to watch the miracles unfold each and everyday. They feel blessed and hope you will too by sharing their story with them.


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