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Bryan Cole

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Usually when you turn on your radio or tune into a satellite station or just surf the net for music, you hear an artist you may not recognize but you think “Man that was good.” You have no clue who the artist is but you begin to look for more information on that artist. That is what our musician series here on Your Life Matters is all about. Hearing that music you think, “I really like that” and finding out more about the artist. Today is absolutely no different.In fact today puts an exclamation point on this theory for our show. You see the artist we are going to present today has been here once last season. His singing voice, playing ability, writing skills are ratable right up there with some of the legends of Country Music. Notice I did not say the best, I said the legends. The breakthrough artist we are going to talk to today is Bryan Cole. Last time we spoke about his debut CD “Wide Open Road.” On that CD he has a string of veteran studio musicians who have played with the who’s who of country music. The CD remained in the top 10 on the Roots Report Pop Country Chart for over 4 months It was a timeless collection of twelve compositions by Bryan and his longtime collaborator and manager, Michael Stover of MTS Management, as well as such heavyweight tunesmiths as Kent Blazy and Tom Paden, writers of Bryan’s second single, “It All Comes Back to Me.” Following up the astonishing international success of “I’m Comin’ Home,” (#1 US Indie World, #11 Italy, #17 Switzerland, #23 Norway, #27 Austria) Bryan rose to the top of the charts once again with “It All Comes Back to Me.”  The second release from Wide Open Road, the song hit both the radio and music video charts (#14 Cashbox, #9 MySpace Videos, #10 Y’allWire.)  His third single, “If Only” charted in the US Top 5 (#4 Cashbox) and received more international airplay than any other of his songs to date. Impressed yet? You should be because his new CD “Pride & The Passion” is getting acclaimed success both here and overseas. It is our honor to welcome back a great musician, singer, songwriter and friend Bryan Cole.

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