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Stacey Crew

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Every person looks forward to the day they have their own child. It is a wonderful special time. Especially when you take your child home. You know you have many wonderful years ahead. But here is today’s question…where do I put everything? There are bottles, toys, burpcloths, binkies, diapers, rattles, pacifiers and the baby is crying and I cannot find a towel…help!! OK so I am being just a tad dramatic or am I? The book we will be discussing today should help you through this trying time. In this book, our guest today, professional organizer Stacey Crew will share her innovative approach to getting the home ready for baby. She will talk about the patented GoPack Method, and will show you how to Group Objects, Purge, Assign, Contain, and Keep it up--all allowing you to spend more precious time with your little one. The book is called, “The Organized Mom: Simplify Life For You and Baby, One Step At A Time.” This book features room-by-room advice and this truly unique handbook will help turn harried moms into happy ones. Please welcome to Your Life Matters Stacey Crew.

Stacey Crew (Spring Lake, NJ) is a professional organizer with a degree in corporate communications. She is the creative force behind the patented organization technique know as the GOPACK Method. Stacey has been deemed a "New Mom Organizing Expert" and interviewed by American Baby and Pregnancy magazines, Our365.com, Babycenter.com, and Realsavvymoms.com.

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