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Joseph R. Cruse M.D.

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If you are one of the over 47 ½  million adult smokers in the United States alone this is the show for you! Chances are you have wanted to—and have even tried to—quit smoking. Eighty percent of adult smokers want to quit completely, according to a survey by Gallup and the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But the nicotine in cigarettes is an addictive drug that makes quitting difficult . . . but it is NOT impossible. It's time to try a very different approach to smoking cessation.  This is a "do it yourself, but not by yourself" approach. The involvement of others is extremely helpful to the smoker's commitment and staying power. If a smoker involves family, friends and co-workers in their cessation program they increase their chance for success. Our guest today is Dr. Joseph R. Cruse. He is the founding medical director of the Betty Ford Center. He comes to us with a program that applies addiction recovery techniques and includes the importance of feelings and increased self-worth. If you want to quit smoking, you can laugh and feel good while you are freeing yourself from your addiction. Using powerful and positive affirmations, retraining your brain, and calling in a virtual army of support from others, this program makes smoking cessation a lifechanging and joyous adventure! His valuable book “I Don’t Smoke” A Guidebook to Break Your Addiction To Nicotine” is today’s show subject.

Dr. Cruse is an oncologist-surgeon, an addiction medicine specialist, author, and lecturer. He is the Founding Medical Director of The Betty Ford Center at Eisenhower Medical Center. He served as President of the Medical Staff at Eisenhower. He served 8 yrs. on the Governor’s state alcoholism advisory board for the State of California and 12 years on the California Medical Association's Impaired Physicians Help Committee. He was Medical Director of Onsite Workshops for 12 years. He has served as consultant to industry, school systems, hospitals, and universities.

He has been a guest on "60 Minutes", "Good Morning America" and the "Late Night Show". He has been featured in magazines in the U.S- and Australia.

Joe has written books and several booklets and teaching videos.

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