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Claudia Cunningham

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When we think of vampires, we think about Dracula, maybe Bela Lugosi, a bat who needs your blood, usually procured by sucking it out of your neck…maybe, what you would call a quick bite before dinner. But not all vampire books are about Transylvania. The book we will be discussing today has to do with vampires and how to face them. But we are not talking about Dracula…but YOUR personal vampires. They are the ones that suck the life out of you! Now, you may be asking who are my personal vampires? Yeah I know that your Uncle Joe acts a little weird after sundown but I am talking about your friends, your loved ones, and your enemies. Sometimes you can see a vampire in a mirror…when we see ourselves. We need to protect ourselves from these people and the things that are so harmful to our lives. Our author today says we can do this without hanging garlic on our doors either. She used to write the advice column, “Ask The Slayer” in Women’s Online Magazine. Please welcome to Your Life Matters, Claudia Cunningham.

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