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Stacey Crew

Every person looks forward to the day they have their own child. It is a wonderful special time. Especially when you take your child home. You know you have many wonderful years ahead. But here is today’s question…where do I put everything? There are bottles, toys, burpcloths, binkies, diapers, rattles, pacifiers and the baby is crying and I cannot find a towel…help!! OK so I am being just a tad dramatic or am I? The book we will be discussing today should help you through this trying time. In this book, our guest today, professional organizer Stacey Crew will share her innovative approach to getting the home ready for baby. She will talk about the patented GoPack Method, and will show you how to Group Objects, Purge, Assign, Contain, and Keep it up--all allowing you to spend more precious time with your little one. The book is called, “The Organized Mom: Simplify Life For You and Baby, One Step At A Time.” This book features room-by-room advice and this truly unique handbook will help turn harried moms into happy ones.

Christine Eisner

Today, with the hectic outside and sometimes uncertain world we face daily, when we return home, we all want to find comfort, well-being…a place to relax. But how do we get that feeling and well-being? Our guest today is going to show you. Formerly the public relations director for Polo/Ralph Lauren and a presence in the design community for 30 years, our guest today has shared her unique creative vision with thousands of people of all ages and stages of life. The critically-acclaimed book we will talk about today, “Comfort Living: A Back-to-Basics Guide to a More Balanced Lifestyle”, she will introduce us to a totally new approach to quality of life and show that living well doesn’t have to be complicated, overwhelming – or expensive. In 2002 she coined the phrase Lifestyle Design. Since then, she he has put her practical tools and cut-to-the-chase advice to work for singles, newlyweds, long-time-marrieds, families, newly-singles and empty-nesters. With her easygoing style and blue chip credentials, she has developed a new approach for talking about and creating lifestyles that make sense in today’s world. It is our honor to have as our guest today on Your Life Matters, Christine Eisner.

Debbie Lillard

Even though we are dealing with snow and ice, we all are looking forward to Spring. But with spring comes that dreaded Spring Cleaning. Time to wade through the mountain of clutter that has accumulated throughout the year and find a place to stash it all. Clutter makes it difficult to find things, seems to make us repurchase items we already have and just cannot fins and spend more than we need to on food. It leads to anxiety, stress and injuries not to mention a really super messy house! Well our next guest, Debbie Lillard author of the book “Absolutely Organized: A Mom’s Guide to No-Stress Schedule and Clutter Free Home” is here to help. She has appeared on the HGTV hit show “Mission Organization”, is a recognized expert on home organization, is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and has been a professional organizer serving the Philadelphia area.

Linda Samuels

Here is today’s question…”How organized are you?” Now some people may be laughing at that question. But understand being organized is about more than just finding a place for everything. It's about finding a level of order that's comfortable for you, discovering places and people that renew your energy, and being organized enough to feel balanced. Today we will be talking about the book “The Other Side of Organized: Finding Balance Between Chaos and Perfection”. The book was written by author and professional organizer Linda Samuels. Linda will offer you encouragement to get organized enough to reduce the stress of life's details and make time to embrace your passions. She has already helped thousands of clients and now readers have found help and inspiration in her advice, personal reflections on change and connection, and vision of what can be accomplished when you find that sweet spot between chaos and perfection.

Brenda Weiss

Décor Enterprises Designing with Fabrics and Color, by Brenda Weiss, is a fabulous design book for all of us who love to design but need some professional assistance. "Designing with Fabrics and Color is the perfect "designer on your shoulder" and sure to help you understand the basics of design, fabric coordination, color theory, and furniture style. Brenda has created over 300 fabric and paint schemes from which to work, in the three major categories of Traditional, Contemporary, and Transitional. Brenda's book guides you through FIVE EASY STEPS to help you select the right fabric and paint scheme for any room in your home. Unlike other design books which focus simply on color, Designing with Fabrics and Color combines color for your walls with fabric coordination. It is an easy to read and easy to follow decorating book for all of us who want beautiful homes.

Debbie Wiener

Do you browse through designer show houses, watch the numerous design shows on TV, fly thru magazines or books, love what you see, but know in your heart that your family (or pets) would ruin these highly- styled rooms in a matter of minutes or days? Our next guest. Interior Designer and author Debbie Wiener believes you should decorate for the way you really live and that you CAN have nice things.  Her totally practical home-design book offers realistic, attractive, and comfortable design solutions to families overrun by messy kids, muddy dogs, and sloppy spouses who make beige carpeting an endangered species, and make hardwood floors look like a skating rink.  No need to wait until the kids are in college to enjoy a smart, stylish home. With this book, readers can have their dream house—and live in it too. “The elegant decorating style is influenced by the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in that it is carefully thought out to survive whatever life throws at it, including incontinent pets, food fights between siblings, vomiting babies and extremely sloppy spouses”

Howard Wiggins

You’ve seen them... the rooms that scream out, “Help me!” You take one look and wonder what in the world the owner was thinking when she put together the furnishings.
If you’ve ever secretly feared that someone might think the same thing about your home design, What Were You Thinking? was written for you. Step by step and chapter by chapter, you’ll learn how to make amazing transformations and give your rooms the “WOW!” factor. Best of all, you’ll discover how to make beautiful rooms at every price point and within any budget.