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Dee Dees

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Recently my mom was going through some old photos she had. She scanned these old black and white photos and emailed them out to family. Great pictures but in many cases most of us wondered who the heck some of the people were in the photos. Probably most of you can say the same thing when looking at old photos. Sometimes you get lucky and the names were written on the back of the photo. Well that is lucky if the name has not smudged or worn off. Maybe the names are under the picture in the photo album. But who are these people? How were they related? What is their story all about? Even if you recognize them, what was going on in that photo when it was taken? Why is Aunt Sally not smiling? So here is today’s question, have you thought about writing your life story? Why you may ask? Good question. Not to be a guest on our show, but for future generations of your family. Listen we all will not be alive forever. With every person that passes, a number of events and history of your family passes with them. Think about that and you will see I am right. Our guest today says it is not difficult to write your life story and has broken it down into easy, manageable steps. She has written two books, “Life Notes: Recording Your Memories…the Legacy of a Lifetime” and the book we will be discussing today called “Write Your Life Story in 28 Days.” Please welcome to Your Life Matters author, seminar leader, public speaker and personal historian Dee Dees.

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