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Mark Edick

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Are You Normal? If you are like me, you may get asked this question a lot. But all kidding aside…What is Normal? Does being normal mean to fit in? I mean, if you fit in you are probably normal…right? Well, that too can depend upon the people you associate with. Now if you do not fit in, are you abnormal? What if you just do not feel in synch with everyone else? You will probably consider yourself odd or different. In fact people will probably think you are a bit unusual. But the question is unusual by what standard? What defines normal. Psychiatrists have made their living determining this for us for many years. But here is something to ponder…at one time during the 60s – 80s partying and doing drugs were considered normal for many. Today it is taboo. So does normal change? Sorta makes it confusing and hard to fit in sometimes. Today we are going to talk about the book, “Becoming Normal: An Ever Changing Perspective.” This book helps us focus on the reality in which we view ourselves and society sees us. The author has asked himself this question for most of his life. He is in long term recovery from addiction. Please welcome to Your Life Matters author Mark Edick.

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