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Eric & Glenna Edney 

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Our next guest was first diagnosed with ALS in 1993 although his first symptoms occurred in 1990. He was a 60 year old extremely active outdoors man. Like many diseases it progressed slow at first and then speeded up later. So the question I have today is what do you do when your medical doctor tells you that you have a terminal illness and to go home and die because basically there is no cure? Well during his first few years with ALS he had gathered a wealth of information about ALS and developed a program to beat it.  The book was completed towards the end of 2001. The book was written primarily for ALS patients. However, the ideas and suggested treatments are applicable to many health problems particularly neurodegenerative illnesses similar to ALS such as MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc. We are talking about Eric Edney. The first book we will speak about today is “ERIC IS WINNING: BEATING A TERMINAL ILLNESS WITH NUTRITION, AVOIDING TOXINS AND COMMON SENSE.” Along with his wife Glenna they have written a second book “SURVIVING WITHOUT YOUR MD: DO PRESCRIPTION DRUGS EVER CURE?” THIS IS POSSIBLY THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE NON-TECHNICAL AND PRACTICAL BOOK ABOUT HEALTH CARE YOU MAY EVER READ; especially if you have a heart problem, cancer or any neuro-degenerative illness. THIS BOOK COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE, or extend your life for many years without going to any extreme. It contains tons of information about living in a POLLUTED world and how to cope with that. And it is our pleasure to welcome to the show today Glenna and Eric Edney.

Click here to visit author's website
Click here to visit author's website