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 Maren Angelotti

Here is an amazing statistic: More than one in four children with learning disabilities drop out of school, and only about one in eight attend four-year-college within two years of leaving high school (National Center for Learning Disabilities). Parents of children with learning differences such as ADD/ADHD and Dyslexia have a unique and exciting road ahead of them. This phenomenon may have been perceived as a burden when their child was first diagnosed with these learning differences, but they also know that God does not make mistakes. God has a special purpose in mind for every person created in His image, and that includes each one who is learning-different! Therefore, parents must refocus their personal expectations of what their child should be and find out where God is guiding this child. It is time to become God’s helper in raising His child. In the book “Of Different Minds” readers learn why their child is wired a little differently and how to cope with and educate this incredible person. Our guest today is the author of the book Maren Angelotti who is an Academic Language Therapist and AD/HD instructor for both children and adults.

Janice Chanberlain

So let’s start right off with today’s question, “If you were a female, would you want to work in an all male prison as a teacher? Would you switch jobs with her?” Many people right now are saying “No way!” But today I want you to think about this…why not? Our guest today says she thrives on the challenges of helping young inmates get their GEDs, or finally learn to read and to move past their early life disadvantages, fears and angers. The book we will be discussing today is called, “LOCKED UP WITH SUCCESS: A PRISON TEACHER’S GUIDE TO CLOSING THE ACHEIVEMENT GAP IN ANY CLASSROOM.” We have said many times on this show that there are some special people who are teachers who really care about their job and go to great lengths to help educate…I think our guest today is right up there with the best, please welcome to Your Life Matters an educator, successful businesswoman and speaker Janice Chamberlain.

Victoria Collier, JD

Everyone knows how highly we value our Veteran’s here on Your Life Matters. They serve and protect our country and keep us free and safe. We cannot say enough about them. But did you know that as these veteran’s age there are benefits they have earned and most of them do not know about it? The VA does not even really want you to know about them. Did you know that as a veteran you could get tax free income to pay for private health care? Probably not.  Well the book we will be discussing today is called “47 SECRET VETERAN’S BENEFITS FOR SENIORS - Benefits You Have Earned...but Don't Know About!” Our guest today is author, has an undergraduate degree in psychology and a Juris Doctorate. She established The Elder & Disability Law Firm of Victoria L. Collier, PC back in 2002. Please welcome to our show, Attorney Victoria Collier.

Shawn Marie Edgington

The internet can be a truly amazing place. It is a product of modern technology. Everyone wants the new iPhone or the latest computer gadget that connects to the Internet. You can update and read your Facebook page from it. You can tweet to all of your followers. Take and send photos or videos. Stay in constant contact with your BFFs. OK…so if you are like me, you are saying OK, I text every once in a while…do not see the big deal…thought that was what email was for. I want my phone to CALL someone and SPEAK to them. But Jenn will tell you I am old. Technology is great but it also brings major problems and new avenues for problems to develop. So if you are like me, you have not a clue what they are doing with today’s technology. Think back, we had a problem learning where the keys were on a keyboard to type. Today with their thumbs kids knock out texts faster than we can think them. But seriously, here are some of the problems….cyber bullying, sexting, textual harassment, sextortion just to name a few. Confused? As a parent you better not be. This is your child you are speaking about and you better learn and learn quick. The books we will discuss today are meant to do just that. The books are “READ BETWEEN THE LINES” and the book “THE PARENT’S GUIDE TO TEXTING, FACEBOOK AND SOCIAL MEDIA: UNDERSTANDING THE BENEFITS AND DANGERS OF PARENTING IN A DIGITAL WORLD.” Our guest today is Americas leading “Texpert” and cyberbullying prevention expert. I will let her tell you more about herself, but please welcome to Your Life Matters SHAWN MARIE EDGINGTON.

Jay Scott Fitter

We have all heard people say it was easy making a child, but there was no instruction manual on how to raise them. Many times we see parents who really should not be parents…have no clue on how to raise a child and the poor child is the one that is going to be messed up when he or she gets older. So where do we get the skills and those great strategies to make raising a child more effective and successful? Well our guest today says it does not have to be quite so difficult. As parents we want our children to be happy and well adjusted. And the book we will be discussing today, “Respect Your Children: A Practical Guide To Effective Parenting.” This book gives us the tools to make the really important investment in our children’s lives. And our guest today is going to answer the question what does it mean to respect your children? He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. For the past nineteen years, he has counseled with children, adolescents and parents alike, helping them to work through their issues and improve their lives. He has worked in private practice settings, and foster care, as well as juvenile detention facilities and as you can imagine his experience has taught him a lot about parenting and children. It is our honor to welcome to Your Life Matters Show Jay Scott Fitter.

Worth Forbes

Here is today’s question…a show of hands please….”Who thinks the American Education System can be improved?” Now everyone put your hand down. Probably everyone was in agreement on that. But in fairness we hear this every day on the news that education is in crisis! Underpaid teachers, ineffective principals, dangerous schools and most sadly students being sent out into the world unprepared and under educated. Do you expect this generation to have hope for a prosperous future? Our next guest knows that schools CAN be successful because during his distinguished 30 year career he has led the turn around efforts at the elementary and secondary levels. Today we are going to talk about the book. “From the Ground Up: A Common Sense Approach to Building A Foundation For High Student Achievement.” Our guest has served as a teacher, assistant principal, principal and is now retired but is a member of the Pitt County Board of Education. Please welcome to Your Life Matters Worth Forbes.

Mari Frank, Esq.

I have said it before on this show and I will say it again, Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. If you know of anyone who has had this happen to them they will tell you the horror stories. But here is today’s question, “how do you get your life back in order after this happens? How do you regain your credit? How do you get this off your credit record? Basically where do you begin? The book we will be talking about today will help you. Now I am going to say this right now…do not wait until this happens to you to learn about what to do. You NEED to know now so in the event it makes you a victim, you can start immediately to repair your financial reputation and credit. The book is titled, “The Complete Idiots Guide to Recovering From Identity Theft.” This book is not just written by an author who has done a little research on the topic. It is written by an attorney, an identity theft expert who has testified before numerous congressional committees on privacy and identity theft, has helped passed identity theft statutes, she has been summoned by the White House to speak, she has been featured on way too many shows to mention by name, she works with law enforcement agencies, is a speaker, private and corporate consultant and a former victim of identity theft herself. Please welcome to Your Life Matters Show attorney Mari Frank.


 Shannah Godfrey

We have all heard that Early reading develops a child’s imagination. When your child’s imagination is engaged, they are able to face tough things with a creative problem-solving ability. They will be able to think well when the day comes that they have to make decisions without you. The tool for that is to open up their world to reading. Our guest today is Shannah Godfrey, author of the book “A Pretty Girl was Alpha-Bette” and creator of the acclaimed Godfrey Method.

Shannah B Godfrey has been writing and using her successful phonics method with children since 1990. She has written several engaging children's books using her enchanting picture-letters. Her illustrator, Leah Shingleton, creates pictures that stimulate children's minds. 

Jill Greenbaum Ed.D

Anyone with a child in high school knows that the last year of two of high school many students struggle with the question of what am I going to be when I grow up and what college and I going to attend? Students as well as parents face some tough decisions. Our guest today is trying to make the decision process a little easier for you. But you have to ask a few questions even before you try to make the right college decision. Today we are going to talk about “The 4 Questions You Must Answer Before You Begin Your College Search.” Our guest today is a popular speaker at High Schools, regional and national conferences. She is a nationally known coach, former NYC teacher, professor, principal and renowned author. Please welcome to Your Life Matters Show Dr. Jill Greenbaum.

Fred Haney

Let’s start right off with today’s question…”Can dogs really communicate with you?” They have been called man’s best friend, some mail carriers or delivery people will call them their biggest nightmares, but most of us call them and treat them as our children. There is something special about the bond between a pet and their owner. Today we are going to talk about a Golden Retriever named Jamie. We will talk about pets’ expressions and body language. The book we will talk about is the winner of the 2007 Indie Excellence Award for "Animals/Pets." Eighty-five playful and colorful photographs and entertaining stories. The book offers a bright insight into the souls of our dearest pets. The name of the book is called “MY DOGGIE SAYS: Messages from Jamie -- How a dog named Jamie "talks" to her people”. Please welcome to Your Life Matters author Fred Haney.

Ellie Kay

OK, so here is today’s question…Who wants to save money? Boy I am sure that every hand just got raised around the world. Especially with unemployment at double digit numbers, foreclosures escalating, the money we earn just barely making ends meet…why would you not want to save every chance you get? Did you ever wonder, “Wow, where did it all go?” at the end of the month? Today, we are going to talk to America’s Financial Expert, Ellie Kay. Ellie joins us today to talk about her great book, “The Little Book of Big Saving.” This book has 351 practical ways to save money now! Got your attention? Well I urge you to listen closely today and put money back into your pocket each month. It is our pleasure to Welcome to Your Life Matters, Ellie Kay.


 MaryAnn F. Kohl

Author of "Great American Artists For Children" gives us an inspiring way to help children learn using art.

Bright Ring is very proud to introduce its first "full-color throughout" publication, just packed with original children's art and fabulous art images of the work of great American masters.

This creative collection of over 75 easy art appreciation activities celebrates the greatest American artists of all time, including Grandma Moses, Dale Chihuly, Ansel Adams, Maya Lin, Wolf Kahn, Georgia O'Keeffe, Currier & Ives and many more. Special bonus art options for the very young artist are included. Each child-tested activity presents a biography with full color artwork and techniques covering painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, architecture, and more!


 Suzy Koontz

Author of the book "Multiply With Me: Learning to Multiply Can Be Fun" Suzy Koontz speaks to us about how to get kids into math and learn the methods that helps them remember.

I am on a mission to promote math confidence and stomp out math anxiety! Physical activity and movement facilitates learning. When you add fun to the equation, the result is a child-centered approach that optimizes math learning and retention. My books show you how to harness a child's love of movement and turn it into enthusiasm for acquiring number concept skills.

My school visits and workshops teach movement activities that strengthen math skills and improve math confidence while having fun. Encouraging children to combine movement and math practice is a powerful method for strengthening math basics. Thank you for visiting my site and giving me the chance to share my passion for math with you!

In just 15 minutes a day, you can improve your child's math skills. Play a board game that includes money or keeping score, jump rope while skip counting by threes or walk the dog while counting backward by fours. Have your children count steps in the grocery store between aisles, and count out loud as they place items on the checkout stand. Remember hopscotch?! It's a great way to move to the numbers!

Ann Mody Lewis, Ph.D.

I am going to start right off with today’s question…”Do you really understand your spouse?” I mean do you know why he or she does what she does? No this is not the typical men are from Mars, women are from Venus interview. I think if you ask both spouses they would say the other one is from outer space…some far away planet anyway. But seriously, who you are and who you have become is shaped by so many things including family and culture. Today we are going to take a closer look at this question and seek some answers. We are going to discuss two truly amazing books. The newest book is titled “Kiss Your Life! 365 Reasons to Love Who You Are” How will you understand your life? How will you identify the unhealthy truths you thought were normal? Kiss Your Life! will take you on a mystical journey inside of your subconscious mind where gendered beliefs live and breathe. It will give gender a voice and a face that you will recognize. These readings of 365 topics will stimulate your mind, challenge your beliefs and inspire you to live life as it was always meant to be lived. The second is titled “Me, Again: The Untold Story of Every Woman’s Life”.  This book is an invitation to every woman who wonders about the meaning of her life and longs for personal peace. Me, Again will compassionately lead women on a journey towards inner peace and self-liberation. The books are written by psychotherapist, author, lecturer and educator and our very special guest today on Your Life Matters, Dr. Ann Lewis. 

(no book)

Fire Chief Jay Maddux

Our guest was Westport Fire Chief Jay Maddux who was kind enough to join us to speak about Fire Prevention week and tips to keep you and your home safe.

Emma Mellon, Ph.D.

Here is today’s question…How many of you have dreams when you sleep? I am sure the answer is most of you. How many do you really remember? And what do these dreams mean? Now Steve, are you telling me the dream that I am going to be chased by a little green alien with a dog leash who wants to take me back to his planet for a pet is real? No, though you might want to stop watching the science channel. Here is something you may not be aware of….the solutions to life’s biggest challenges lie in your unconscious self—that is where dreams are born. Think about it for a moment, you wonder if that new relationship is going to work out for you? Is that career change you really want to make going to backfire and you will be unemployed and homeless? Now please understand that this is not a dream dictionary we are going to speak about today. As our guest today has said, “Dreams don't give themselves away easily. They like to be courted. They want us to spend time, to think less and feel more, to imagine and to play.” The great book we will talk about today is called, “Waking Your Dreams: Unlock The Wisdom of Your Unconscious.” Our guest today for almost 20 years has been a licensed psychologist. She is also a teacher, public speaker and accomplished author. It is our honor to welcome to Your Life Matters Dr. Emma Mellon


 Sophia Pappas

Author of the book "Good Morning Children: My First Years in Early Childhood Education" speaks about her experience as a first year teacher and the challenges that face teachers and parents.

The first years of teaching are full of unexpected problems and issues that can challenge and frustrate even the most experienced early childhood educator.

Based on my Pre-K Now blog, my book Good Morning, Children provides an up-close and personal view of the challenges and successes of a beginning teacher. The book describes daily encounters with students, family members, and administrators; reflects on the state of early childhood education in America; and celebrates the ways pre-K teachers can help prepare every child to succeed in both school and life.

 Monique & Alexa Peters

Every parent will remember their child’s first day of school. You will remember how proud you were that your child was growing up and starting their education. Many children put on a big smile for Mom or Dad as they walk into school for the first time. So here is today’s question, “How is your child feeling as they enter school for the first time?” Did you know that most parents and first time students suffer from separation anxiety? Remember most children do not have the sense of time down and all they know is the person or persons in their lives that they have become attached to will not be with them…they are going away especially when you are out of sight. Today we have something different for you. We are going to be talking about the book series “Cooper and Me”. What makes this series different from others we have spoken about is that the books are written by Monique & Alexa Peters. Alexa is the illustrator of the picture books. See here is the thing…Alexa is 11, Monique is her mom. Even more amazing is that Alexa is on a mission. She wants to help build schools for children around the world! We will talk more about that during the interview…but it is our wonderful pleasure to welcome both Alexa and Monique Peters to Your Life Matters.

Laurie Porter and Lori Campbell

Ever wish you kids said, let’s skip McDonalds tonight and let’s eat something healthy. How about hearing them say, forget the can of soda, I would rather have one of the healthy juices instead. How about instead of watching TV or playing on the computer, I would rather go for a walk or a jog? Think I am living in some fantasy world? Maybe right now it may seem hard to get kids to eat right, exercise, and stay and think healthy. But you know it could be done…and you can start in your own home right now. Today we are going to talk about an amazing book titled, “The New Change”. The book was written by two school educators who probably know some of your children’s habits better than we as parents do. The book is broken into three parts which are fun, educational and will help you teach your child to make healthy decisions. Yes, I said that right…THEY will make the healthy choices. I think it is a family workbook for life. The authors of this great book are Lori Campbell and Laurie Porter. Please welcome to Your Life Matters Laurie Porter and Lori Campbell.

Karen Quinn

It does not make a difference anymore if you have a child that is going to a private school or a public school. By the age of 5, they will most likely be given some form of an intelligence test. Then they will be placed in the appropriate classroom. If your child is not ready for that test, they can be placed in the “slow” or “educationally challenged” class and not the “gifted children” class you were hoping for. Just getting your child into kindergarten is hard enough without the added burden of wondering if they’ll do well enough on the IQ or readiness test they has to take. So what does a parent do? Well today we are going to talk about the book “Testing for Kindergarten: Simple Strategies to Help Your Child Ace the Tests for Public School Placement, Private School Admissions, and Gifted Program Qualification.” The book is not about "teaching to the test." The children are having fun while you teach to them the underlying abilities every test assesses. The book shares the techniques that every parent can do with their kids to give them the best chance to succeed in school and beyond. It’s just good parenting—and better test scores are just the icing on the cake. Our guest today is an author and an expert who has successfully taught hundreds of parents how to work with their own children. She is a former private school admissions counselor. Please welcome Karen Quinn to Your Life Matters Show.

Robert Siciliano

We have all seen the commercial where the bulky male is sitting on a coach sounding like a female talking about all of the items they purchased with the other person’s credit card number. Sadly though, it is probably a safe bet to even say that either we, or someone close to us that we know, has had some type of identity theft. Fraudulent charges on your Visa, home burglarized, someone hacking your Facebook account, someone even getting hold of your social security number and ruining your credit. It is very scary. So scary people are afraid to even use their credit cards on the Internet anymore. So what do we do to protect ourselves? Our guest today is committed to informing, educating and empowering American’s so they can be protected from violence and crime in the physical and virtual world. We are going to be talking about the book, “The Safety Minute: How to Take Control of Your Personal Security and Prevent Fraud.” Our guest has been featured on the Today show, CNN, Fox. MSNBC and in USA Today and more. He is the CEO of IDRgeftSecurity.com and a security consultant to intelius.com. Please welcome to Your Life Matters Robert Siciliano.

Nancy Sokolowski

I think one of the top pieces of news that no one wants to ever receive is that they have cancer. It has to be devasting just to get over the initial shock of the diagnosis. Thousands of thoughts start racing through your head. You have so many questions and there is so much information you need to learn it has to be overwhelming for many. Today we are going to talk specifically about Breast Cancer. According to the CDC, in 2007  202,964 women in the United States were diagnosed with breast cancer. 40,598 women in the United States died from breast cancer. That is just in one year folks. About 1 in 8 women in the United States (12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. In 2010, an estimated 207,090 new cases of invasive breast cancer were expected to be diagnosed in women in the U.S., along with 54,010 new cases of non-invasive breast cancer. About 1,970 new cases of invasive breast cancer were expected to be diagnosed in men in 2010 as well. We are not trying to scare you. We have to face cancer head on. So if you are diagnosed, what do you do? Our guest today hopes to assist you through this stressful time. The book we will discuss today is titled, “THE BREAST CANCER COMPANION: A GUIDE FOR THE NEWLY DIAGNOSED.” It is co-written by a nurse with over 50 years experience in diverse specialties. She is also the co-founder of Norwalk Hospital's Smilow Family Breast Health Center.  Please welcome to Your Life Matters Nancy Sokolowski.