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Shirley Friedenthal
Howard Eisenberg

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When we think about dating and dating websites, you usually hear about let us help find your perfect mate! You will sometimes hear, “Can a man or woman over 35 still find romance?” What if you are 50 or 60 or even older? Are you doomed to eat alone most nights or just go to bed with a book? It is a rare occasion that Hollywood shows too many romances and lively relationships about people 60 and over! I want to read you a quick quote from the book” Senior Women are no laughing matter! Today, thanks in part to a patchwork of medical and anatomical miracles, there are more than 20 million of us the U.S. – ready for action. Happily there are more men than there used to be too, well over 15 million and growing. “ The problem is too many people 50 and over have given up looking for their “Perfect Mate”. Well our guest today says it’s never too late. We did it and so can you! Today we have the pleasure of speaking with author Howard Eisenberg. He, along with author Shirley Friedenthal have written the book “It’s Never Too Late To Date: Shirley & Howards RX’s for Dating and Mating Over 50”.

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