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Carbon Footprint

Our hosts Jenn and Steve discuss and offer 50 ways to overall reduce your carbon footprint. It is past the time we begin!

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Farmer Albert Armand

Our guest was local farmer Albert Armand. Albert, along with his wife Diane and family run Harper Valley Farms and the Indiana Pumpkin Patch.

We had the pleasure to speak with Albert about buying from local farmers and how you too can purchase for a farmer from where you live to cut down on the carbon footprint we are leaving from buying vegetables from a supermarket. Plus this also helps to support local farmers in your area.

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Chris Colby

If you have listened to our show you know at Your Life Matters we care of the environment and being “green”. Well it is time to m
ove over granite countertops because Solar panels and tankless water heaters are catching on and they are the hot must-have items in new home construction. Going green has long been considered cost prohibitive to many Americans wanting to build eco-friendly homes. But last year’s record surge in energy prices is leading a lot of consumers, architects and homebuilders to rethink the math. The idea of opting for an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient home isn’t only starting to be seen as an affordable option. It’s being sold by some architects and homebuilders in United States as one that could end up saving homeowners hundreds of thousands of dollars -- and even make money. To speak with us about this fantastic change in attitude and thought is our GUEST TODAY architect Christopher Colby who is the
Principal and Co-Founder of Spire Architecture & Design. 

Stuart W. Rose Ph.D.

We have all talked about Green Homes. It is one of the buzz words of the day. But here is today’s question…How much do you know about Sustainable Homes? They are made of materials that do no harm to, and take nothing away from, the earth's resources. Our guest today will reveal how sustainable living goes beyond being ecologically and financially friendly, while saving on utility bills, and leads to a different, yet more joyful quality of life. I hope I have your attention now as this is so important not only for us, but for our children and generation of children to come. The book we will talk about today is called, “Sustainability: A Personal Journey To A Built Sustainable Community...And An Amazing Picture Of What Life Will Soon Be Like.” Our guest today is an author, registered architect, professor, educator, consultant and our guest today. It is our pleasure to welcome Dr. Stuart W. Rose to Your Life Matters.

Dr. Richard A. Wolfe

When most of us think about turning 70, we picture ourselves lying on the beach, or on the golf course or for women shopping, caring for their garden. Basically relaxing and enjoying life’s golden years. Our next guest spent his 70th birthday on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro on his way to the top. His preparations and the accomplishment of his dream, highlighting the people who helped him achieve his goal, is inspiration for us all. But does he just climb mountains? Nope. He who traveled the world to bring back vines to create a wine industry in the North Carolina high country. He established the first commercial winery in this region of the Appalachians. Thirty-five vineyards owe their genesis to his work. And I am not done yet. He is a scientist and has been working on creating what he calls “Super Clean” coal called carbonite. Today we are going to talk about the book “Climbing Kilimanjaro at 70” and this breakthrough technology of carbonite. Please welcome to Your Life Matters an author, a man who earned his Ph.D. in nuclear engineering at the University of Cincinnati, works with the U.S. Department of Energy and holds a patent to remove mercury pollutants from coal Dr. Richard A. Wolfe.