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Dave Farrow

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And good morning and welcome to...uhm…uhm  Your Life Matters…OK so I was kidding forgetting the name of our show just now, but let’s be serious and start off right away with today’s question, “Don’t you wish you had a better memory?” I do not care whether you need to remember a client’s name, a phone number, scripture, or details of a book, there is no question a better memory would help. Thinking about learning a foreign language? Think, at my age that would be too hard and take me forever? Think again. We are going to talk about a terrific program today called “Memory Made Easy.” The author of this program broke the Guinness Book of World Records by memorizing 52 decks worth of cards with focus and memorization techniques. Late in 2008, he broke his record by memorizing 59 decks of cards. He believes that anyone can improve their memory, improve their reading and learning capacities. You don’t need special skills or abilities; these skills can all be developed. You have seen him on TV, he is a great speaker, runs an awesome seminar and is helping people around the world remember please welcome “The Pharaoh” or “the Memory Guy” Dave Farrow.

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