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Worth Forbes

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Here is today’s question…a show of hands please….”Who thinks the American Education System can be improved?” Now everyone put your hand down. Probably everyone was in agreement on that. But in fairness we hear this every day on the news that education is in crisis! Underpaid teachers, ineffective principals, dangerous schools and most sadly students being sent out into the world unprepared and under educated. Do you expect this generation to have hope for a prosperous future? Our next guest knows that schools CAN be successful because during his distinguished 30 year career he has led the turn around efforts at the elementary and secondary levels. Today we are going to talk about the book. “From the Ground Up: A Common Sense Approach to Building A Foundation For High Student Achievement.” Our guest has served as a teacher, assistant principal, principal and is now retired but is a member of the Pitt County Board of Education. Please welcome to Your Life Matters Worth Forbes.

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