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Philippo Franchini

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  • As part of our musician interview series here on Your Life Matters we have a very special guest joining us today. Our guest today is a world-renowned veteran musician. He has studied under some of the noted pioneers in the sound healing field. Now let me explain. This is Nada Yoga, which is the Yoga of Sound. It uses specific kinds of sounds, tones and intervals to create harmonious effects in the nervous system and open us to higher consciousness. We are also going to talk about his newest album, Magic and Grace which is a collection of compositions written and performed by our guest and some fine musical collaborators that is informed by the art and science of tones, intervals and tempo to quickly reduce stress putting the listener in a state of deep relaxation within seconds. Our guest today is the extremely talented Philippo Franchini. He is known as the Musical Alchemist. He is a Soul Man though not the soul you may be thinking about though. It is our honor and special privilege to welcome to Your Life Matters, Philippo Franchini.

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