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Mari Frank, Esq.

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I have said it before on this show and I will say it again, Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. If you know of anyone who has had this happen to them they will tell you the horror stories. But here is today’s question, “how do you get your life back in order after this happens? How do you regain your credit? How do you get this off your credit record? Basically where do you begin? The book we will be talking about today will help you. Now I am going to say this right now…do not wait until this happens to you to learn about what to do. You NEED to know now so in the event it makes you a victim, you can start immediately to repair your financial reputation and credit. The book is titled, “The Complete Idiots Guide to Recovering From Identity Theft.” This book is not just written by an author who has done a little research on the topic. It is written by an attorney, an identity theft expert who has testified before numerous congressional committees on privacy and identity theft, has helped passed identity theft statutes, she has been summoned by the White House to speak, she has been featured on way too many shows to mention by name, she works with law enforcement agencies, is a speaker, private and corporate consultant and a former victim of identity theft herself. Please welcome to Your Life Matters Show attorney Mari Frank.

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