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Shannah Godfrey

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We have all heard that Early reading develops a child’s imagination. When your child’s imagination is engaged, they are able to face tough things with a creative problem-solving ability. They will be able to think well when the day comes that they have to make decisions without you. The tool for that is to open up their world to reading. Our guest today is Shannah Godfrey, author of the book “A Pretty Girl was Alpha-Bette” and creator of the acclaimed Godfrey Method.

Shannah B Godfrey has been writing and using her successful phonics method with children since 1990. She has written several engaging children's books using her enchanting picture-letters. Her illustrator, Leah Shingleton, creates pictures that stimulate children's minds. 

Shannah Godfrey is a chemist and program manager in the aerospace and armaments industry.  

She has 14 children of her own, for whom she started writing several years ago.  

She changed phonics from abstract ideas to concrete ones for her own children, and taught them to read before kindergarten.  

She has shared these ideas with friends, sisters, neighbors, grown children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc., and all with success.  

Boys love, "A Pretty Girl Was Alpha Bette," too.

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