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Caron B. Goode EdD, NCC

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Do you remember the famous movie line from the boy in “The Sixth Sense”…”I see dead people.” Well let’s start right off with today’s question of the day: What would you do it your child came to you and told you they were seeing ghosts? How would you react? Many would start thinking that their child was possessed, was watching too much scary TV and movies, some think they are making it up for attention while others believe their children may have some special gift. Unfortunately there are some that think their child need psychological help or some kind of meds. Well the book we will discuss today was written to help parents through this confusing time. I will tell you right now, you have heard on our shows in the past that we all have this ability. Children especially are more attune to spirits and energies as we tend to grow out of believing what we are seeing and hearing. So if you have a child, or grandchild listen up to today’s show. Our guest today is an inspirational speaker, psychotherapist, trainer of parent coaches, and prolific author. A respected leader in the parent coaching and spiritual coaching industries, she is the author of a dozen books. I would like to welcome to Your Life Matters Show Caron Goode. 

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