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Mark Gravely
The Top Hat Blues Revue

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  • We want to welcome you back to another of our great unsigned musician series. Today’s show will be no exception. Guitar great Jimi Hendrix once said, “Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel.” The great Janis Joplin once said “Audiences like their blues singers to be miserable.” Blues music comes from your soul. You can very easily learn a bunch of chords but it is not blues unless the music comes from a dark spot, deep within your inner self. The sound that comes out rings out and communicates with people as it is something more than a bunch of musicians playing chords and notes… it is a feeling…it is The Blues! Our guest today is no stranger to the blues. Playing them that is. I go back a number of years with our guest today. He is no stranger to the stage and also no stranger to the airwaves as well. Today we have the pleasure of talking with Mark Gravely. His band, Mark Gravely and The Top Hat Blues Revue have been entertaining audiences for a number of years. By day he is one of the morning show hosts of WTRE in Indiana as well as being one of the co-owners of the station. Today we will talk about his music and the band’s CD, “Dancing Blues”. It is our honor and Jenn & I’s personal pleasure to welcome not only a great musician but a great friend as well, Mark Gravely.



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