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Travis Hankins

This past weekend at our Church, the Westport Christian Church here in Indiana, we got to listen to the testimony of a man who is running for the Congress of the United States. His name is Travis Hankins. Now at Your Life Matters we do not endorse candidates. Nor are we asking you to vote for Travis. In fact the testimony given to the Church members was not for who to vote for either, but an expression of Christian values. Throughout America there are many grass root campaigns taking place. In this past election, we saw where America stood up and changed the picture slightly of American Politics by voting in some of the Tea Party members. We find this fascinating. Most of the time we hear our fellow Americans complain that politicians do not care about us, they are in it for themselves and the money, they have no morals or values…and the list goes on and on. So why do we present to you this testimony from Travis Hankins? There are many Travis’ throughout the country and we are hoping you will give these candidates your ear. These are people who truly care about changing America’s politics and government. How many times I hear what can one person do? You are correct, probably not a lot…but it has to start somewhere and with someone. Think about if we actually researched our candidates, got to know them, knew the principles they stand upon and their beliefs? We, the American people could elect a number of these great Americans and eventually really make the changes we have been yearning for and need here in America. I invite you with an open mind to listen to Travis and his story and think about what you would want in a Congressman representing your area?

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