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Joanne Harvey , MSW

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Recently more and more I have heard about people being transferred over to hospice. Most of us know that usually means the end to someone’s life is near. It is a more comforting place for families to go to spend their final days with their loved ones outside of the strict medical atmosphere of a hospital. My respect has always gone out to the men and women who work at these facilities. They make the families and the person so much at home. They are a support team, trained and committed to enhancing the excellent care you are already receiving. They are going to be the doctors eyes and ears and your advocate. They will also help support your family during this trying time. I whole-heartedly would have to think this has to become difficult on these great people after some time. Facing the inevitable end of life followed usually by the grief and sorrow. Think about if it was YOU that was dying. Could you still face it without fear and live life to the fullest right up to the end? You may say yes, but think about it carefully. Many or most of us would not. But to some it may sound morbid, but you can prepare for it. Today we are going to talk about the book “Dying To Live: Embracing the Journeys” which is a collection of inspiring true life stories about people living with terminal illnesses. Plus it has the tools and resources we need to help ease end of life tribulations. This great book is written by someone with years of experiencing working in hospice arena. Please welcome to Your Life Matters Joanne Harvey. 

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