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Margaret Hawkins

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Many of us have an older brother or sister we looked up. Some even have a close friend who was an elder that we wanted to be just like. For our guest today, it was her sister Barb. We are going to take you on a journey about the life of Barb. How she went from being this vivacious high achieving woman to someone who was stricken with a very serious mental illness. The illness was Schizophrenia. 1% of the population will develop schizophrenia during their lifetime. More than 2 million American suffer from this illness in a given year. So what happened to Barb? How did this all come about? What is Schizophrenia? Well today we hope to answer all of those questions for you. The compelling book we will discuss is called, “How We Got Barb Back: The Story of My Sister’s Reawakening After 30 Years of Schizophrenia.” Our guest today is not a psychiatrist, though she just about became one for her sister. Her story, their story is truly amazing. It is our pleasure to welcome to Your Life Matters author Margaret Hawkins.