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Gary Hennerberg

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For our next guest, it all started at the age of 6. It becomes a new painful, secret addiction that many times can go un-noticed for years. Listeners to our show should now know what the word Trichotillomania is. Our guest today knows about the hair pulling’s allure, shame and isolation as he suffered from it for 45 years. We have given you a teen’s point of view as well as a woman’ point of view. Today, author Gary Hennerberg will give us the male perspective of living with the condition and talk about his book “Urges: Hope and inspiration for people with trichotillomania and other mysterious compulsive disorders”

Gary began a lifetime of hair pulling at the age of six while growing up on farms along the Nebraska and Kansas border. Gary has written the story of his life, and how three primary approaches have helped him cope with this mysterious compulsive disorder in his book titled Urges.

The Foreword to his book has been written by Christina Pearson, Founding Director of the Trichotillomania Learning Center.

You may read the first chapter of his book on this website. In this chapter, Gary describes his reflections about what happened the day he began pulling hair. He has also included a chapter outline of the 25 chapters of his book.

His lifelong passion is writing and singing. Gary is an experienced writer, whose advertising copy appears in millions of households every year via the mail, the web and in print in some of America’s most prominent magazines.

He is also a singer and has performed in major concert halls throughout the United States, Canada, England and Scotland with his choral group. He sings bass, and his regular rehearsals keep his distinctive voice in great shape to be the narrator of Doses of Comfort.

There is no known cure for trichotillomania. But he now realizes that by writing and recording messages of comfort, he can blend his writing talents and voice talents to fulfill a larger mission and purpose.

Doses of Comfort is appropriate for teenagers and will be of inspiration to loved ones and parents of children with trich.

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