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Brenda J. High

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Listeners to our show know we have talked about this subject in the past. The subject is bullying. We have talked about bullying in the workplace, in relationships and in school. Sadly, I do not believe we can talk about it enough until something is done about the problem. How many children are going to die before we do something? How long will children have to suffer before we wake up to a major problem in America. Is it going to take some more national new stories before we start to speak out? Well, today we are going to talk about the book “Bullycide in America – Moms Speak Out About The Bullying/Suicide Connection.” This is not a book about blame or guilt, although it may certainly spark that kind of discussion. This is not a book about getting even or setting the record straight, although it may do that as well.  And, this is not a book for clinicians, although it will offer some scientific data and educational resources. This is a book of real stories about real kids. Kids who took their own lives because they thought it was their only way out of a hopeless situation.  It is about the tragic choices they made in an effort to end the pain - when they believed there was no other solution. It is told by mothers who are willing to share their own personal pain as they watched their children suffer and struggle. It is about their own efforts to advocate for their children while they continue to deal with their own devastating loss and the aftermath of bullycide. Now I have to tell you I did not write that description about the book, it was written by Judy Kuczynski who is the mother of a bullied child, Tina, who died in a car accident in 1998. She is also the President of Bully Police USA. Our guest today is Founder and co-director of Bully Police USA and also is responsible for compiling the stories for the book.

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