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Monique Holeyfield

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“My teen won’t listen! It is like I am talking to a deaf child! If he/she keeps behaving that way you know where they are going to end up!” I am sure you can tell that is probably a typical line heard in many households across America that has teens. Parents frustrated on how to get thru to their child before they do something that will affect the rest of their lives. If we can’t get thru to them who can? How about their own peers? Teens that have crossed that line and are now paying for the mistake for many years to come. Attention-grabbing writings from prisoners to troubled teens that provide a reality wake-up call to deeply consider how their choices today can affect their lives tomorrow. Today we are going to talk about the book “Letters From Prison”. If you have a troubled teen or know someone who does, you need to listen carefully to today’s interview.  The book was written by an author that also lead a scary life but turned her life around. It is our pleasure to continue our interview with author Monique Holeyfield.

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