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Jaydra Hymer

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When we think of childhood—visions of children laughing and playing, flying kites, climbing trees, and enjoying their carefree, happy years should fill our minds. Unfortunately, there are many children today whose childhood is filled with frequent failure, stress, frustration, failing grades, forgetting and losing things, difficulty with peers, emotional melt-downs, continually being reminded and/or scolded, and minimal joy in their life. These are the hallmarks of a child with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Our guest Jaydra Hymer, author of the book “Turn Your Child’s ADHD Stress Into Success” is a child and family consultant and educator.  For nearly three decades, she has taught and worked with children and parents at many levels.  From owning and directing a private pre-school and childcare center with an enrollment of over 200 to training early childhood educators and counseling parents, Jaydra has been at the center of the issues and challenges facing children today.

About The ADHD Expert —

Jaydra is a child and family consultant and educator. For nearly three decades, she has taught and worked with children and parents at many levels. Jaydra spent over 10 years teaching college education courses in New Mexico and Colorado, including educational psychology, behavior management, and cognitive development. She also contracted with social service agencies as a Family Intervention Specialist—reuniting families in crisis. She has taught parenting classes for many years and provided counseling services to court-ordered parents as well. Her specialty is ADD and ADHD and she is an expert in child behavior.

Beginning in 2000, Jaydra devoted three years to exclusively researching ADHD. Then, in 2003, she opened a personalized instruction center for children with ADHD, mild Asperger’s, high-functioning Autism, and other learning, emotional, and behavioral challenges. Success Pointe has been the “proving ground” for what Jaydra has learned about these disorders that seem to affect so many children and families today.

Her "RARE" approach to child rearing and discipline re-directs children with ADHD and other challenges off the path of social and educational struggles to a course of greater self-esteem and success in school. RARE is an acronym for Respect, Accept, Relate and Empower and is the core philosophy behind Jaydra's remarkable success working with kids in trouble.

Jaydra and her husband, Rick, have five children and live in Herriman, Utah.


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