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Jonathan Williams
International Museum of
Spiritual Investigations

On our show we have presented paranormal investigators, mediums, psychics, parapsychologists and authors who have experienced paranormal activity first hand…some to an almost deadly extreme. Today, we want to spend some time talking about Gettysburg, PA and a new attraction that any paranormal fan or believer should be sure to include in their itinerary. We are speaking about the International Museum of Spiritual Investigations. Joining us today is the executive director of the museum and paranormal investigator Jonathan Williams. And it is our pleasure to welcome Jonathan to our show!

The International Museum of Spiritual Investigations (IMSI) is a 501c3 Non-Profit that was devised in August 2009 to facilitate evidence and show the general public what the spiritual investigations community does behind the scenes.

Founded by Jonathan Williams, IMSI has a full outlook on what to achieve within the museum to make the experience an all in one visit. Williams currently has been investigating since 1997 in full time spiritual investigations and has lead teams to investigate such locations as East State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, PA or Mount Osorie in Osorizan, Japan.

Our mission in IMSI is to give every patron, no matter what age, a look into investigating the spiritual realm and the evidence in locations of possible activities.

IMSI will also, through professional practices, determine if claims of spiritual nature and documentation through all means of surveillance and investigating are legitimate in our Soul Trackers AEGIS Council. IMSI will in addition provide a professional work environment that is challenging, rewarding, creative, and respectful to ideas and individuals.

The purpose of IMSI shall be to:

Educate: The museum's core mission is to educate the public on the means to investigate the spiritual realm. Whether it may be tools, techniques, science, natural evidence, paranormal evidence, etc. the museum will teach that to visitors of all ages.

Evidence Review: AEGIS Evidence Review is the secondary responsibility of the agency. The Soul Trackers AEGIS Council will do an independent review of any spiritual investigations evidence presented to the council in an unbiased, detailed manner.

Research: Researching the paranormal can be very vast, consisting of many avenues. The Paranormal can use any profession combined into one, for example, if there is a sound in the walls that is weird to an average person, the plumbing experienced investigator can come in and identify the wall sound, or a carpenter experienced investigator. All professions can be put into the mix of paranormal investigating.


Click here to visit museum's website