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Sylvia Anthony

For the past week or so, we have been talking about Domestic abuse. We have given you information on how to get out of the relationship. We spoke to Pastor Mike Bartlett about how men misread the message in the Bible about their roles and women. In both cases the message was clear, if you are being abused, get out and get out now. Many women worry where are they going to go? How will they be able to support their children? Who is going to care for their welfare and safety? Today we are about to talk to an amazing woman. Her name is Sylvia Anthony. We talk will talk about her book, “Sylvia’s Haven” which is a documentary based on Sylvia’s amazing life of accomplishments, mistakes, successes and failures. Then we will talk about “Sylvia’s Haven” which is a shelter she runs for homeless women and children. She has helped improve the lives of more than 1000+ women and children over the past 23 years. We are truly blessed to have Sylvia join us on our show today.

Candy Arrington

Sometimes life can be really hard on you. Debts mount up, money runs out, you lose your job, you cannot handle day to day activities, you start doing drugs or drinking, there seems to be no way out. No way out except….suicide. Every 17 minutes, someone, somewhere commits suicide. For every completed suicide, there are twenty-five attempted suicides. It appears to them as the only way out. But one thing that they never think about is the people left behind: their loved ones, their spouses, children, parents and friends. They are the ones that have to deal with the grief, the unanswered questions. Even worse, they deal with the guilt that they should have noticed this, or recognized that and could have done something to stop it from happening. Listen to these stats: An estimated 750,000 suicide attempts annually affect the lives of millions of family members. The number of survivors grows 186,000 each year. For every suicide, at least six other people's lives are affected. The book we will be discussing today is called, “AFTERSHOCK: Help, Hope and Healing in the Wake of Suicide”. It is a book that provides knowledge and resources for those left in the wake of suicide. Our guest today is a professional writer, member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors and is on staff with The Christian Communicator Manuscript Critique Service. You have heard her name before on our show as she co-wrote the book, “When Your Aging Parent Needs Care” which we spoke about with co-author Kim Atchley. The book was co-written by David Cox. It is our honor to welcome to our show Candy Arrington. 

(no book)

Rev. Mike Bartlett

Our guest is pastor, friend, role model and an outstanding servant to the community Pastor Mike Bartlett.

Listen to Mike's story as he takes us back to his previous lifestyle over 19-20 years ago and how he turned his life around to helping others through his ministry at the Westport Christian Church.

Melissa Binstock

One of the fears that many of us have when we talk about getting old is the amount of medicines we will have to take. You have probably seen the pill bottles at your grandparent’s home. Even I have a pill box for AM & PM for each day of the week. But what if you were young and had to take all of these meds? What if you were only 11 and taking 15 different medications? What if you had already seen 10 different doctors and been diagnosed with six different disorders and had already attended 5 different schools? Sorta changes the picture does it not? That is not supposed to happen during our youth. That is supposed to be a time of development, learning and fun is it not? You are supposed to spend your time in the park playing with your friends…riding your bike…swimming…playing ball…basically having fun. For our guest today the first 19 years of her life has been different. She has spent most of her time in doctor’s offices, and hospitals, treatment centers. Today we are going to talk about a book titled Nourishment: Feeding My Starving Soul When My Mind And Body Betray Me. This is an important book for teens who may be suffering from mental illness, peer acceptance issues, and eating disorders. It is a story of searching for love and acceptance…a story about wanting life….something every teen longs for. Please welcome to Your Life Matters author Melissa Binstock. 

Captain Dale Black

So let’s start right off with today’s question…”If you happened to get a glimpse of Heaven, a preview of life in God’s presence, would your life here ever be the same?” Well for our next guest, he says this has happened to him. His description of his near death experience after a horrific plane crash will leave you speechless. Now a retired airline pilot, he has dedicated his career to improving aviation safety. But he has also been a missionary pilot on over 50 countries. The book we will be discussing today is called “Flight To Heaven”. It is the story of what the FAA deemed an non-survivable accident to his miraculous recovery to the awesome splendors he experienced in Heaven to the inspiring changes in his life. Our guest today has logged more than 17,000 hours in the skies. He is a Bible teacher, television and radio host, evangelist, co-owner of a real estate company and a volunteer missionary pilot. Please welcome to Your Life Matters show Capt. Dale Black.

Wendy Blight

One week after our next guest’s college graduation she walked into her apartment to find a masked man holding a knife and waiting for her at the top of the stairs. The man assaulted her both physically and sexually. Needless to say changing her life forever. Her story is about her greatest passion: sharing the transforming power of God’s Word. It is our honor to have with us as a guest today, author, trial lawyer, she teaches Bible study, has been instrumental in women’s ministries, and speaks frequently at events, churches, and retreats. I want to welcome Wendy Blight who will speak to us today about her book, “Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner”

Barbara Boughton

Today’s subject we are going to discuss is cancer. Unfortunately just about everyone listening knows someone who has or has passed from cancer. Cancer experts say more people than ever before are now likely to develop the disease at some time. Now here is the promising news, with early detection the chances of surviving are also improving. You have heard us many times on this show emphasizing the importance of early detection and treatment for disease. Today we are going to talk with Medical Writer Barbara Boughton. Along with Dr. Michael Stefanek, edited by Dr. Ted Gansler and co-published along with the American Cancer Society they have brought us the amazing book “Reduce Your Cancer Risk”. The book will give you the most up-to-date information on personal risk assessment, life style changes, preventive health strategies, genetic counseling, preventive anti-cancer medications and all of the latest cutting edge research. It is our pleasure to welcome co-author Barbara Boughton to Your Life Matters.

Richard Broom

On July 5, 1982, our guest today got drunk, fatally killed a man and did not remember doing it. He had suffered from what is called an alcoholic blackout. Today he is a recovering alcoholic with more than 23 years of sobriety.  He believes that prison and Alcoholics Anonymous saved his life. In 1997, he began working for Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, Inc. (FL), where he continues to share his story of horror and delusion under the influence of addiction, and to celebrate the joy of his new life today. Our story today is about an addiction and how you can recover and begin to live life again. Our guest is author Richard Broom who speaks to us about his memoir Cocked and Loaded. The book will take readers on the ultimate road to redemption; finding recovery and healing inside prison; making peace with the repercussions of his disease and actions; and finding a place and purpose in life after murder. He explains to us how anyone can plot their own path back from the brink of self-destruction. I also want to note that He counsels law enforcement officials who are coping with their own addiction.

Claudia Broome

Rugby Jones had it all. Top dog on the beautiful Pennsylvania horse farm, keeping the other cat and dogs in line, helping his mistress Claudia with the horses – rascally Rugby lived the quintessential “dog’s life”. But all that changed on that tragic day when another dog injured him beyond repair. Rugby Jones was paralyzed, his lower back ruined. “Put him out of his misery,” everyone said. But Claudia refused to accept common wisdom. She knew Rugby Jones had the will and courage to overcome. If they both worked hard together – the way they always did – Claudia and Rugby would find a way for him to walk again. It is a story of hope, trust, courage and unconditional love that we all, young and old can learn from. The name of the book we will talk about today is “THE “TAIL” OF RUGBY JONES: A Rascal’s Journey from Disability to Ability” and we are proud to have motivation speaker, coach and author Claudia Broome join us today on Your Life Matters. 

Jean Burgdorff

Our guest is author, realtor and successful business woman Jean Burgdorff. Jean is author of the book, "It's Not The Money - How I Built a $2 Billion Real Estate Business Based on the Golden Rule." Jean will explain how living and running her business according to the Golden Rule has made her successful and her life fulfilled.

Mary Jo Buttafuoco

Before May 19th, 1992, our next guest lived in Massapequa, Long Island which is in New York. She was a housewife with a husband and 2 children, a boy and a girl. Trying to be a good mom and wife and just trying to get through life like everybody else. But all that changed on that day in May, when she answered the door to find a young girl on her front stoop. She had never heard the name Amy Fisher, but now, for the rest of my life, she will live forever with her on any Google search.

Yes, you have probably all heard of the case known as the Long Island Lolita Saga…well today we have the privilege to speak with Mary Jo Buttafuoco.  Mary Jo has written a book called “GETTING IT THROUGH MY THICK SKULL - Why I Stayed, What I Learned And What Millions Of People Involved With Sociopaths Need To Know” and it is our priviliedge to have her with us today on Your Life Matters. 

Paul Cardall

The beautiful music clip you heard right before our introduction is called Gracie’s Theme. It was written and recorded by our very special guest today. He is a truly remarkable individual. See our guest today was born, essentially with half a heart. He lived more than 30 years with this heart defect and had numerous procedures and surgeries. Then he was informed that his heart would not beat much longer. He had to have a heart transplant if he was to stay alive. This book gives us an intimate insight into a miraculous journey that convincingly shows that God knows us personally and that we are put here on earth for a reason. The book we are going to discuss today is called “Before My Heart Stops: A Memoir.” As you heard, he is a musician, in fact an award-winning musician and is also a popular speaker. He is a family man, husband and father. He and his wife Lynette also founded  The Paul Cardall Family Foundation which helps others with congenital heart disease and other related congenital disorders. It is our honor to welcome to our show today Paul Cardall.

Anthony Catalano

The power of the human mind is boundless. When you think positively you elude confidence and cheerfulness and you are likely to elicit positive responses from the environment than someone who is a pessimist. Optimism CAN change one’s life! The book we will be discussing today is “I Prescribe A Positive Vibe”. It is a book for person growth. A collection of short essays that will motivate positive thinking. And our guest today is author Anthony G Catalano.

Terrell Clima

Our guest was Terrell Clima. Her compelling and heart-felt story is captured in her book "Don't Pull That Plug". The book talks about her husband's accident and recovery. Compelling story everyone needs to hear! Months after doing her interview we still are amazed by her story!

Georgene Collins

Our guest will be author, nurse Georgene Collins who will talk about her book "Obesity Free Forever" which discusses how not only to lose the weight but keep it off forever. Georgene lost over 140 pounds 5 years ago and has kept it off.

Wanting to become "Obesity Free Forever™" led to twenty-five years of researching facts on bad eating habits and the truth about eating disorders that resulted in a personal weight loss of over 120 pounds in 13 months. A total weight loss of 145 pounds!

Janet Conner

You could pray, or meditate, dream, maybe even visit a shaman, or minister, Some even visit a hypnotherapist. With so many routes into inner consciousness, why write? Of all the ways to get in touch with God, as you understand God... to hear the small, still voice pointing you in the right direction... why take the time to write? Well here is a reason: it works. Not only does it work but it works amazingly well. If you want to engage in a vibrant conversation with the wisdom that dwells just a hair below your conscious awareness, write. Write every day, at approximately the same time, with passion, honesty, and the intention of speaking with and listening to the voice within. Our guest today is author, spiritual writer and speaker Janet Conner. She is here today to talk about her book “WRITING DOWN YOUR SOUL : HOW TO ACTIVATE AND LISTEN TO THE EXTRAORDINARY  VOICE WITHIN” which explores some of this research and instructs readers how to access the power and beauty of a person’s deepest selves.

Liz Cosline

Our guest was Liz Cosline, who had a life changing experience in 2001 when she almost died of a brain aneurysm.  But instead this became all about living fully.  She has written a trilogy about how going through the injury, healing, and coming out the other side was for her.  She now has written her fourth book about her views of the world possibilities and how they have changed.

Peter Cropsey

Today I want to take our listeners a little out of their comfort zone. I want you to think about the homeless man or woman you see walking the streets, panhandling for money, sleeping in a cardboard box. I want you to think about the teen runaway who was sexually molested when she was younger and is now a drug addicted prostitute. I want you think about the convicts you see and gang members. I want you to think about the heroin addict sitting in an abandoned doorway shooting up to get his fix. Why are they where they are at? What has happened to them in life to make them end up that way? Do you think they are a lost cause? Can they ever turn their lives around? Well if you had met our next guest before 1987 you may have said he never could as well. Prior to that he stole everything he drove, lived in Motels and gang clubhouses, shot dope every day and never stepped outside without a pistol. What makes this story different is that he turned his life around. His transformation and healing through Christ's atonement and the guidance of God's Word is truly remarkable. The book is called “Dead Man Waking”. Please welcome pastor, custom motorcycle builder, cattle rancher and co-founder of a men’s treatment center Peter Cropsey.

Gregory David

Our guest was author Gregory David who speaks to us about Hepatitis C, his discovery and how it has changed his life.

In his first book, Gregory David allows the reader a peek into a personal and frightening time in his life. Be inspired as he confronts the Hepatitis C virus and refuses to accept defeat.

As Gregory David made that first journal entry over eleven years ago documenting his fight with Hepatitis C, he knew then that someday his journal would become a book giving others hope, and the will to fight the Hepatitis C virus.

Deborah Day, M.A.

Quiet on the set….Lights, Camera, Action! You would probably expect to hear that on a movie set. You can envision a director, sitting in a chair, barking orders to the rest of the crew. But here is today’s question, “Who directs your movie?” The movie I am talking about is your life. Who is in control of your life? Do you just take what life has to give you or do you take charge and make your life more purposeful? You do have the power to change and to grow! And the book today we will be discussing will help you get into that director’s chair and take control of life that is happening around you. Be honest, how many times have you said Why me? Everyone else gets the lucky breaks and I am left to struggle. It is time to stop this and Be Happy Now! And that is the name of the book we will be discussing today, “BE HAPPY NOW! Become the Active Director of Your Life.” Our guest today is an author, and has been working as a clinician in the mental health field for over two decades. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a National Certified Counselor and also our guest today. Please welcome to Your Life Matters Deborah Day.

Jason Deierlein

Our guest is author, speaker and a true inspiration Jason Deierlein. At age 16 popular swimming star Jason was in a horrible car accident and in a coma facing some of life toughest challenges to survive and life a normal life. We bring you Jason & his story about the book "Return From A Comatose Mind".

Christine Devine

Today we are going to talk about a subject we probably all know about but in many places rarely hear anything about. I am talking about adoption. On any given day in the U.S., more than 423,000 children are in the foster care system, and nearly 115,000 of them are available for adoption, just waiting for the right family to find them.   More children become available for adoption each year than are adopted. In 2009, 69,947 children had parental rights terminated by the courts, yet only 57,466 were adopted.  Children often wait three years or more to be adopted, move three or more times in foster care and often are separated from siblings. The average age of waiting children is 8 years old.   Last year, 29,471 children turned 18 and left the foster care system without an adoptive family. Many of our listeners know of or have watched “Wednesday’s Child” on the news. The show has won numerous awards and we believe rightfully so. Today’s book we are going to discuss is called “FINDING A FOREVER FAMILY:  A News Anchors Notebook on Adoption Within the Foster Care System”. Our guest today is the truly amazing Christine Devine. Listen to this list and you will know why I call her amazing 14 Emmys, six for best newscast ,  Best Anchor Team by Associated Press,  National Gracie Allen award by AWRT American Women in Radio and Television,  Anna Quindlen award for philanthropy journalism by Society of Professional Journalists,  "Angels in Adoption" from the U.S. Congress. She is known for her Wednesday's Child news segment. She has been honored by the U.S. Congress and Child Welfare League of America. Since 1994 Fox 11 News has profiled hard-to-place children in foster care waiting to be adopted. The records show more than 400 children have found forever homes. It is our honor and privilege to welcome to Your Life Matters anchor, reporter, producer, speaker, philanthropist and author Christine Devine. 

(no book)

Makenzie Diekhoff

So what is Your Life Matters? Our valued listeners have learned that it has to do with your life. Your Health. Your well being. We have presented to you authors who have written about their lives, what they have gone through with illness or addictions. Today we are going to do something slightly different. Something that I am sure will touch your hearts. We are going to talk today about Cystic Fibrosis. Cystic fibrosis is an inherited chronic disease that affects the lungs and digestive system of about 30,000 children and adults in the United States (70,000 worldwide). I said this show would be different and it is. Today we are going to talk to Makenzie Diekhoff. She joins us here today in our studio. Makenzie turns 19 today, December 2. Makenzie has Cystic Fibrosis. But the situation for Makenzie is even more intense. Please welcome to Your Life Matters Makenzie Diekhoff.

Helias Doundoulakis

Our next guest was an American born boy who grew up in a small village on the Greek island of Crete. In his last year in high school, he witnessed the German invasion of Crete, in May of 1941, during the early days of WW II. At the age of eighteen, he joined a resistance group headed by his brother, and supplied crucial information to the SOE, which is an arm of the English Intelligence Service. This resistance group is uncovered, resulting in their hasty evacuation by the SOE, to Cairo, Egypt. In Cairo, this author and his brother were asked to join the English Intelligence Service, but rather, pursued the American OSS, which is the Office of Strategic Services, the newly formed American intelligence counterpart. They were enlisted into the US Army, and attached to the OSS, where he was trained in the SI, or Secret Intelligence sector, which included parachute jumping, wireless/Morse code training, commando/defense training, locks/safe-cracking techniques, escape methods, and environment assimilation techniques.  After being transformed into a skilled “spy”, he was sent back to Greece undercover, and along with a Greek naval intelligence officer, set up a communications cell in Salonica, Greece’s second largest city, whereby daily coded messages to OSS Headquarters in Cairo were sent. One such message describes the course of events surrounding the bombing of the main railroad yard in Salonica, and the loss of thousands of German troops, as well as recalling the near-capture encounters with the German Gestapo and the Greek police. In his book, “I Was Trained To Be A Spy”, he also recounts his personal experiences of his escape from Crete through the mountains, the evacuations by an English torpedo boat, his OSS training, the return mission to Greece, and his final return to the United States. It is our honor to welcome a truly dedicated and decorated veteran of the US Army to Your Life Matters Show

Paul "Tall Paul" Drury

Our show today features, Tall Paul's "Nothin' But Try". It is the life story of Shane Drury, a professional bull rider who was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma. The book details Shane's life of sports, rodeo, family, friends, faith, grit, determination and "try", as he fought his courageous battle with the deadly disease. Both inspiring and endearing, the story takes you from Shane's first bull ride through his entire career, highlighted by his appearance at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada and his record setting 95 point ride in Reno, Nevada.  

David C Fuller

Methamphetamine or meth, crank, glass, crystal, ice is quickly becoming the scourge of the human race on a global scale. Meth labs can be found from your next door neighbor's garage to deep in our wilderness lands including state and national parks, destroying everything and everyone meth or it's toxic waste touches. Meth is eclipsing every other drug in America as the drug of choice for several generations of junkies. Meth addicts make meth in these meth labs to support their habit as well as those they sell it to. For a few dollars worth of stuff found in most department stores and with a few vessels and hoses found in the trash meth addicts can make enough mistakes to blow their house or garage into the neighbor's yard. Meth addicts don't care about anything but their meth, which makes them pretty dangerous because of their all consuming need for the drug.  

With our guest, DC Fuller, author of “METH MONSTER” you can follow the life of one of the most dedicated meth addicts. Follow his journey from the cradle to the gutter from the safety of your favorite chair and your own home. Meth Monster is like the worst train wreck you've ever seen. You can hardly believe what you're reading, but you won't be able to stop till it's over.

(no book)

Robert Gibbs

Here is a staggering statistic: Each day in the United States, 482 people are diagnosed with a brain tumor. Now that is just in the US alone! For these 482 people, not many treatments exist.  With those available treatments, only 5% of those diagnosed with a Glio-blastoma Multiform will survive more than 5 years.  

Only two new treatments have been approved by the FDA in the past 20 years.  But there is hope is on the horizon:  there are a few promising treatments that exist but are only in the clinical trial stages.  However, some of the treatments are personalized, and require the actual tissue from the patient's brain tumor to be properly stored and preserved, so that it can be used to make those personalized treatments.

Our guest today knows all of this firsthand:  he has survived almost 6 years since his brain tumor diagnosis in 2004, thanks to cutting edge treatments and an experimental brain cancer vaccine he received.  In Clearwater Florida, Robert Gibbs and his wife Barb has founded “Miles For Hope” to fund brain tumor clinical trials and to provide travel assistance to brain tumor patients enrolled in brain tumor clinical trials. It is our honor to welcome to the show today, Robert Gibbs.

(no book)

Robert Goodfellow

20 year army veteran and good friend of the show Officer Robert Goodfellow of the Decatur County Sheriff's Department talks to us about Operation Paperback which assists the troops stationed overseas.

Jocelyn Green

As the world becomes a more turbulent place, we see more and more military personnel being deployed overseas. These proud men and women are American heroes as all veterans are as well. Usually the only time we see the wives and children is when a soldier returns or there is a special reunion shown in the media. Here is today’s question: Have you truly thought what life must be like for these families while their loved ones are deployed? I mean seriously thought about how their lives are turned upside down. The stress they face on a daily basis not to mention the stress they feel hoping their loved one returns alive and unharmed. Well, a lot of families survive on their faith and beliefs. They live with the help of not only their blood family but their church families as well. The book we will be discussing today is called, “Faith Deployed: Encouragement For Military Wives.” Understand this is not a how-to guide for an easier, pain-less time. This book helps you to respond biblically to the daily struggles that threaten to wear you down. Our guest today is one of the authors. Now I say one because it was written by 15 Christian military wives of all branches of the service. She is an award-winning author, freelance writer and editor. Please welcome to Your Life Matters Jocelyn Green.

Roger Dean Kiser

After years of allowing the lies and abuse he suffered as a child define his past and cloud his future, Roger who is author of The Whitehouse Boys: An American Tragedy  decided to find a way to make sense of a childhood replete with verbal, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse before it was too late. In his new book A Better Yesterday: Living Life After Abuse, Kiser revisits his past and makes a conscious choice to focus on the kindness and happiness he experienced throughout his life. Sharing his heartfelt memories of kind people, loving animals, and comforting events, Kiser affirms the benevolence of the human spirit and demonstrates the healing capacity that random acts of compassion can have on a child. A Better Yesterday reveals the precious, defining moments that molded Kiser into a caring, loving person despite the experiences of a childhood cloaked in misery. 

Carol Harper

Our guest today, author of the book, “Of Face Value” Carol Harper was on her way to work when she was hit head-on by a drunk driver.  In the 100 mph impact, Carol's face was ripped apart from the skull and her bones were crushed to powder.  The doctors didn't think Carol would make it through the night due to a severe brain injury. It is a miracle that she survived. There is no doubt that Carol Harper is one of the fortunate ones.  Most victims of drunk drivers don't survive.  She turned her tragedy into a triumph by telling her story to educate, inspire, and save lives.  She joins us today on Your Life Matters to share her story with our listeners.

Joanne Harvey, MSW

Recently more and more I have heard about people being transferred over to hospice. Most of us know that usually means the end to someone’s life is near. It is a more comforting place for families to go to spend their final days with their loved ones outside of the strict medical atmosphere of a hospital. My respect has always gone out to the men and women who work at these facilities. They make the families and the person so much at home. They are a support team, trained and committed to enhancing the excellent care you are already receiving. They are going to be the doctors eyes and ears and your advocate. They will also help support your family during this trying time. I whole-heartedly would have to think this has to become difficult on these great people after some time. Facing the inevitable end of life followed usually by the grief and sorrow. Think about if it was YOU that was dying. Could you still face it without fear and live life to the fullest right up to the end? You may say yes, but think about it carefully. Many or most of us would not. But to some it may sound morbid, but you can prepare for it. Today we are going to talk about the book “Dying To Live: Embracing the Journeys” which is a collection of inspiring true life stories about people living with terminal illnesses. Plus it has the tools and resources we need to help ease end of life tribulations. This great book is written by someone with years of experiencing working in hospice arena. Please welcome to Your Life Matters Joanne Harvey. 

Barry Hendrickson

Many of us strive to make sure that our hair looks great every day. Many women and even men spend hours fixing and adjusting to get that certain look. Well what if you just had chemotherapy and as many of us know, one of the side-effects of the chemo is hair loss. Some have no problem going out in public with no hair though many people look for an alternative so that they may not feel so self-conscious. Our next guest addresses this problem and has a book to help. Our guest today is Barry Hendrickson. Barry is an internationally renowned wig designer and celebrity-stylist. His book which we will talk about today is called “Looking Like You: a step by step guide to medical hair replacement”. The book offers inspiration, fashion and beauty tips as well as expert advice on how to find the perfect wig for women undergoing chemotherapy.

Gary Hoffman

OK I want to ask our listeners, have you ever seen someone do something and think, “I really wanna do that!” For some it is parachuting out of an airplane, others it is hang gliding, we have had mountain climbers here on the show, some even consider bungee jumping as well. But truly, how many of you go back and do it? In 1976 our next guest told his wife, “Someday, Someday I’ll do that!” Well guess what? In 2002 he went back with his son and did it! Now what did he do you ask? Let me say this, what they did accomplish was something that fewer than 5 people complete every year! What they did was canoe the Mississippi River…all 2,552 miles of it! They did it in a 20 foot Kevlar canoe, sometimes facing 6 foot waves. The book we will be discussing today is called “Mighty Miss”. The book highlights the trip…all of the trials and tribulations of the Mississippi and the relationship between a father and son. Our guest today has been guiding canoe trips for over 45 years. He is a guide, instructor, a director of organizational operations at schools and religious institutions, teacher, counselor, minister and author. Please welcome to Your Life Matters Gary Hoffman.

Sarah Rees Howell

For our guest today, she was a child born in 1948 with Cerebral Palsy. Mainstreaming disabled kids into public schools was not done in those days. Sarah was sent to private boarding schools, where she entered into a terribly harsh environment. As a child, she embraced nature. She became friends with a variety of animals, one in particular, a horse she named Ringo. He remained in her life for 30 years. His devotion and unconditional love helped her learn to help herself and others. It helped her to find her still small voice of truth. The name of the book is Ringo’s Gift and it is our honor to have as our guest today Sarah Howell.

Dr. Angela Isom

So let’s begin with today’s question…if life handed you lemons could you find the internal power to make lemonade? OK cliché…but seriously if you were born into poverty experienced domestic violence, was a high school dropout, could you turn your life around to become a college professor and sought-after public speaker and author? Well that is our guest’s story. A truly inspiration story in fact. We will talk about her book “Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit: 40 Ways To Overcome The Obstacles In Your Life.” And it is our pleasure to welcome to Your Life Matters Dr. Angela Isom.

Doug Jack

I am sure that many of you would not know the name Doug Jack. But I bet you have seen his phenomenal work! Let me give you a short list…Director and choreographer for the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics in 1992 in Barcelona, 1996 in Atlanta, 2000 in Sydney, 2002 in Salt Lake City, 2004 in Athens, 2006 in Torino. How about the Choreographer for seven Super Bowl Halftime Shows? Miami 1999, San Diego 1998, New Orleans 1997, Phoenix 1996, Minneapolis 1992, Tampa 1991 and Pasadena 1987. OK, how about Three World Cups Ceremonies? 2006 World Cup Soccer in Berlin, 2005 World Cup Rugby in Sydney, and 1994 World Cup Soccer, Orlando & Los Angeles? Oh and I forgot, he won an Emmy also. When you look at his amazing work from high above his work is truly breathtaking and larger than life. But from the ground level, all of the individual performers feel his simple role elevated to something larger and even great than himself. Well today Doug is going to take us backstage as he will recount for you a few of these extraordinary and ordinary, marvelous and miserable moments that have made up the dance of his life. As you know nothing always goes as you hope or plans and sometimes you have to sneak away from angry mobs or get kissed by David Hasselhoff! The book we will be talking about is titled, “The Back Side of Wonderful.” It is our honor to welcome to our show, Doug Jack.

Cheryl Jenkins

Parenting Parents - The inevitable aging and role-reversal process. Many people have been faced with the dilemma of having to care for their own parents. Becoming a parent’s caregiver is morally the right thing to do. Our next guest, author Cheryl Jenkins’s book, “She Just Wanted to Dance Again: My journey to parenting my parent and a simplified guide to becoming a parent’s caregiver.” provides a look into Jenkins' resolve, with a touch of humor, to become her mother's caregiver. Recommendations, many of which have been praised by the medical professionals providing support and care, are provided for others contemplating this journey. It's important to recognize the need to learn from each other and pass on a legacy of the knowledge, skills, and compassion to our children so that when it is their turn to step up to the plate and take care of older generations, they will have a better idea where to start. This book demonstrates how the author confronted adversities that had to be overcome when faced with the reality of parenting a parent. At the end of the day, if one aspires to this challenge, it will also become a passage of healing and everyone will become a better person as a result of whatever level of change transpires. 

Terry Leiden

Attorney Terry Leiden who wrote the book "Get Back In The Game" gives an informative interview on Prostate Cancer and information every man should know!



Terry Leiden is a prostate cancer survivor who has been a practicing attorney for thirty-eight years. He began writing in 1996 after he was diagnosed with cancer. His writings have won awards from the Sandhill Writers Conference at Augusta State University, including first place for a play, The Cumming-McDuffie Duels. Leiden is currently working on a work of non-fiction.

Marty Levin

Our guest will be author Marty Levin whose son Jordan Levin was born three months premature and deaf. He is author of the book, "We Were Relentless" and the also we speak about the program "My Kids First Coach" about childhood obesity.

Gloria C. Lindsay

Here is today’s question for you…how can a child born with an Apgar score of 1 (0 is dead!) and declared by doctors to likely face learning disabilities, read words at just eight months year old and enter college at 13? Well our next guest, author Gloria Lindsay refused to accept the doctor’s prognosis and began a program of physical, intellectual and neurological stimulation for her daughter Jennifer. We will be talking about Gloria’s book, “TRIUMPH OVER TRAUMA: LEARNING BEGINS IN INFANCY” and we welcome Gloria Lindsay to the show. 

Dorma McGruder

Today we are going to talk about domestic abuse. Here are the facts…1 in 4 women HAS experienced domestic violence in her lifetime. That is not going to experience, that is has already experienced. Between 600,000 and 6 million women are victims of domestic violence each year. That is 600,000 to 6 million too many. Now when most people think of domestic abuse they think of violence and injury. Domestic abuse can be emotional, verbal, sexual, financial and mental. Our guest today was there and lost everything. She knows firsthand how abusers operate and what victims must do to save themselves before it is too late. The book we will be discussing today is called, “I Had No Choice.” The book is a part memoir and part novel story of her decade long abusive relationship, and how she went from being a victim to conqueror to a vocal defender for abuse victims. Our guest today is an active public speaker. In fact since the age of 4, yes I said 4, she has been a public speaker addressing crowds from 10 to 10,000 in political, educational, social and religious venues. It is our honor to welcome to our show, Dorma McGruder.

Jennifer Maggio

If you ask many experts they will tell you that we have a huge problem in America: a single mom or dad raising a child. The struggles that a single parent faces can last a lifetime for many. They have to be both mom and dad to their child, work, take their children to school, cook, clean, run a household…think you get the picture. And most of the times they do this alone. Some stats: 17 million single mothers in the U.S. 24% of them live in poverty. 78% of our current prison population was raised by a single mom! Wow! We need to delve into this. Sometimes single moms are homeless or live in poverty, they deal with abuse and financial burdens they just cannot handle. This is the case for our author today. She has suffered all of the above but has come out of it and is now hailed as a leading authority in single parenting issues. She has launched ministries throughout the country helping single moms. She has personally counseled/mentored to more than 400 single moms and ministered to thousands more. She does not just talk the talk, she has lived it first hand and is doing everything she can to help single moms across America. The book is titles “Overwhelmed: The Life of a Single Mom.” It is our honor to welcome to our show Jennifer Maggio.

Maria Malin

Before April 19, 2003, our next guest was a normal, suburban “mom chauffer” with a baseball-loving husband, three active kids in 21 weekly activities, and a dog that thankfully loved car rides. On a sunny, spring afternoon, her middle child Steven, was struck and killed by a train down the street from our home. After the loss of a child, life has no “normal. We are speaking with Maria Malin this morning about her book “When You Can’t Say Goodbye, Don’t”.

Judy Mandel

We can all only imagine how the death of a child would take its toll on parents and a family. It’s a hole that threatens to tear us apart. In an act of hope, the parents have a replacement child. The child is born to heal wounds and provide a “salve for the burns.”  The child unwittingly plays her role throughout childhood, riding the deep and hidden currents of the family tragedy. Years later, as an adult, she discovers the truth of her family’s life-changing event and the complex layers of her own relationships with her father, mother, and sister. Not until she finally has a child of her own does she come to grips with what she silently has known all along: Anything can happen. Planes fall from the sky. Our guest today is author Judy Mandel, whose book

Jennifer L. Martin

So let’s start right off with today’s question, “How would you survive Multiple Sclerosis, Thyroid Cancer, Weight Loss Surgery and Severe Anemia?” Our guest today would answer simply The Power of Inspiration, Faith, Courage & Love. This is a great self-help educational book for not only the patient, but their family, friends, caregivers and also for the people in the process of getting diagnosed of any auto-immune disorder. What started out as keeping a couple of diaries worth of notes became a wealth of information because it is told from the patients’ perspective, not the doctors.  Remember, the doctors tell you what they know based from books and what to expect "before" going through a surgery.  After you read this book, you will see and understand what you could possibly go through "after" the surgery.  You will get the "big picture" about the procedure and you won't be taken by surprise, as that is what happened to our next guest. The book we will discuss today is called “Blue Fingers Brass Knuckles: The Power of Inspiration, Faith, Courage & Love.” The author is a patient advocate and a inspirational & motivational speaker. It is our pleasure to welcome to Your Life Matters Jennifer L. Martin.

Robert Martinez

Let’s start off with today’s question: What if you really wanted to do something. I mean it was your dream. And you were good at it. What if you had a disorder that was trying to stand in the way of your dreams? Would you give up on the dream? Well today we are going to talk about the unique life of Brandon Martinez. Brandon suffers from Tourette Syndrome. We are going to speak to Robert Martinez today. Robert is Brandon’s dad. Robert will talk about his fight for the education of special children, their civil rights and educational privileges, and their personal, emotional, and special needs. Robert will educate us today on Tourette Syndrome. He will also tell us about his fight to help Brandon carve a path to the Major League Draft and into professional baseball. He is the author of the compelling, must read book “Born To Play”.

Emma Mellon, Ph.D.

Here is today’s question…How many of you have dreams when you sleep? I am sure the answer is most of you. How many do you really remember? And what do these dreams mean? Now Steve, are you telling me the dream that I am going to be chased by a little green alien with a dog leash who wants to take me back to his planet for a pet is real? No, though you might want to stop watching the science channel. Here is something you may not be aware of….the solutions to life’s biggest challenges lie in your unconscious self—that is where dreams are born. Think about it for a moment, you wonder if that new relationship is going to work out for you? Is that career change you really want to make going to backfire and you will be unemployed and homeless? Now please understand that this is not a dream dictionary we are going to speak about today. As our guest today has said, “Dreams don't give themselves away easily. They like to be courted. They want us to spend time, to think less and feel more, to imagine and to play.” The great book we will talk about today is called, “Waking Your Dreams: Unlock The Wisdom of Your Unconscious.” Our guest today for almost 20 years has been a licensed psychologist. She is also a teacher, public speaker and accomplished author. It is our honor to welcome to Your Life Matters Dr. Emma Mellon

Milan Church of Christ FOUND Youth Group 

On May 22, 2011 a 198mph tornado ripped through Joplin, Missouri leaving in its wake over one hundred people dead and injuring over 500 more. The tornado carved a path one mile wide and six miles long. If you see the photos of the area you would believe a war had taken place with bombs ripping the town apart. The devastion will cost in excess of 3 billion dollars to repair and will take years. So when we see the devastion of our fellow Americans, our fellow Christians what do we do? Many gave money or helped collect foood, water and necessities. Many people actually went to Joplin to help with the massive cleanup effort. They offered hope, inspiration to people in Joplin so that they would know that their fellow Americans, their fellow Christians did not turn their backs on them in their time of need. Today Jenn & I are doing the show on location at the Milan Indiana Church of Christ. We are with the youth group called FOUND. This remarkable group of teens just returned from four days in Joplin helping with the relief efforts. We invite you to listen to their stories, their recollections of the devastion they witnessed first-hand as well as the love they received and the hope of the residents there after losing everything including someone they knew and cared for.  

Tamra Nashman

Author, speaker, life coach talks about surviving a plane crash and turning her life around helping others.

‘Shoes for the Spirit’ is a book that will guide you in your personal journey. It contains over 50 real- life inspirational and motivational stories of ordinary people from all walks of life who have encountered personal difficulty and have found the tools to walk through their journey with a victorious outcome.

Jeffrey Rasley

It may come as a surprise to some that there are still villages of people throughout the world that have been unaffected by modern society. They live without running water, electricity, sometimes even schools. Their heat their homes, cook their food, do everything needed with burning wood. They have no idea of how harmful the carbon smoke is. Each family lives in a beautiful, hand-chiseled stone houses with flower gardens. There is no healthcare. The specific place we will be talking about today is exactly as I have described to you. It is a village in a remote valley in the Solu region of Nepal named Basa. Our guest today, with 2 other adventurers were only the third group of white people ever seen in this village of farmers. First they asked for education for their children, then electricity for their village. It is an amazing story and an ever more remarkable journey for our guest today. He is a lawyer from Indiana, our home state at Your Life Matters. But I truly believe more importantly he is a truly caring person, he is a father, a husband, an author, philanthropist and an educator who has won numerous awards in his career. It is our honor to welcome to Your Life Matters Jeff Rasley.

Al Rivera

Child abuse is beyond the realm of reasonable people, yet it happens far too often as we have shown you here on our show. How does a child process abuse? What gives a child the courage to face daily humiliation, pain, and suffering? The damage for many children is beyond repair, and often opens up a lifetime of heartache and shame.

As a child, our next guest, author Al Rivera whose book “the Barefoot Shoeshine Boy” shows us how he endured the daily verbal and physical abuse of the one person who should have showered him with love: his mother, and from foster parents who took her place in raising him until he was eighteen. 

Barb Rogers

"12 Steps That Can Save Your Life" author tells us about his struggles in life and her inspiring stories overcoming all of the challenges she faced.

Men and women, different ages, ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic levels, with varied addictions, from across the US, came forward to share stories about what it was like to work a specific step of the 12 steps, ie; what happened when they didn't. Interpersed with Barb's story of recovery in a 12 step program, are real life stories of those who are making a difference in their lives, and how they did it. It is a study of genuine recovery through the stories of real people.

(no book)

Jordan Romero

  A Boy and a Quest for the Seven Summits

  2010 news: it’s ON. Everest, the north side. Depart late March ‘10.

My Quest to Climb the 7 Summits


Paul, Jordan, Karen Reached The Summit of Mt. Everest – 5/22/10
World Record – Jordan the Youngest Ever to Stand on the Summit
World Record – The First Family to Stand Together on the Summit

Louis Sadler

Could you survive—even prosper—after a childhood of horrific abuse in every imaginable form?  Lou Sadler, author of Orphaned Spirit…The Power to Heal, did just that.  His mission with this book is to help others who have suffered into adulthood from the consequences of child abuse.
 Forced by a lawsuit to publicly tell the tale of abuses he suffered as a youth, Mr. Sadler chose to turn what many would view a shameful history into victory.  He shares with his readers how his spirit was crushed as a boy, and how the impact on his self-esteem found its way into sabotaging his adulthood.  Ultimately, through a lot of hard work and techniques used by everyone from Jesus to Neale Donald Walsch, he found ways to heal his orphaned spirit.
 The book Orphaned Spirit begins tragically, but by the end readers are given time-tested tools and techniques (conventional and controversial) to heal their own spirit from a haunting childhood.

Nadia Sahari

Nadia Sahari was born in Beirut, Lebanon. She came to America at the age of two. She is 5'3" tall and petite in frame. Nadia is the eldest of eight children: five sisters and two brothers. She speaks fluent Lebanese. She has been an entrepreneur most of her life to help in the support of her two children. At times she worked three jobs a day, keeping a hectic pace which eventually led to a breakdown. But Ms.Sahari stood up again and continued the fight to make her dreams come true. She never gave up.  

From the time she was five years old until she was in her early twenties, our next guest and author Nadia Sahari was a victim of horrific abuses, many of which came at the hands of her own family. Born to Arab parents and, even though she grew up in the United States, the strict Middle Eastern rules for women remained in place. As she tried to assert her freedom she found herself being punished horribly for it.

Mary Schrock

We have seen them ride their horse and buggies throughout rural America. Many remember their signature straw hat, or beards. I am talking about the Amish community. We rarely get a good glimpse into what life is like for the Amish outside of what TV shows us. Usually the only time you even hear about the Amish is when a tragedy strikes like the one in Pennsylvania a few years back when a trucker opened fire at a children’s Amish school where children were needlessly taken from this earth for no apparent reason. Well our next guest knows the Amish community very well. She did not study the Amish way of life, she lived it for the first 26 years of her life. She and her family lived in an Old Order Amish community in both Iowa and Missouri. She and her husband left the Amish community and enter the modern world and were instantly excommunicated from their Church, friends and families. But they did find a way to now lead a Christ-centered life. In fact 2 of her children are missionaries. The book we will talk about today is titled “The Greater Inheritance.” Please welcome to Your Life Matters author Mary Schrock.

Dafi Shlanger

On October 27, 1994, Dafi was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She was only 36 years old, married, and had three children. This is the amazing true story of a woman, a wife, and a mother's incredible journey through this life changing events. In this compelling memoir, Dafi talks candidly about her experience and reveals how she, as a young wife and mother coped, survived and carried.

Captain Scotty Smiley

I am going to start off with today’s question…How many times do we let something stand in the way of our dreams? Come on, be honest. I have heard most of the excuses, “I am too old to do that now”, or “I would have to work harder”, or “It would cut into my free time” and “I just do not have it in me!” We all have dreams. We all aspire to something greater than what we usually have. We usually become bitter as we get older that we did not do the things we had planned to do in life. Yet, all we had to do was start. Sounds easy right? Well for our honored guest today, he became bitter when he thought that his dreams of becoming a CEO, a Delta Force operator, or a four-star general were never going to come true. But he wasn’t being lazy. He wasn’t going to make excuses. He had this amazing determination and spirit to do everything he wanted to do and more. Sounds amazing and great right? Well he did it after losing his eyesight serving our country. We tend to forget the great sacrifices our service men and women make on a daily basis for our freedom. On our show we Never Forget! Our guest today is Captain Scotty Smiley. He is a Ranger and combat-diver qualified infantryman, was the Army’s first active-duty, blind officer and its first blind company commander. He has surfed in Hawaii, skied in Veil, skydived, climbed Mount Rainier, completed a triathlon, and graduated from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business with his MBA. The book is called “Hope Unseen”. It is our great honor to welcome a great American hero to our show, Captain Scotty Smiley.

Linda Thompson

Author of "I Am My Own Dragon" speaks with Jenn and Steve  because we all have the power to make anything we want to happen occur. Every one of us has within ourselves the dragon’s strength. The dragon’s wisdom. The dragon’s fire. Even the dragon’s ability to soar.

You have a dragon that burns deep inside, because we all have the power to make anything we want to happen occur. Every one of us has within ourselves the dragon’s strength. The dragon’s wisdom. The dragon’s fire. Even the dragon’s ability to soar.

We just don’t always know it. And sometimes, we have to overcome tremendous odds and challenges to figure it out.

Let “I Am My Own Dragon” help you find the dragon inside of you.

Susan Lee Titus

Our guest was author Susan Lee Titus, whose book "The Dancer Returns" is a riveting story of a woman's brutal rape and recovery turning her life around and helping others.


The enchanting and spiritual famed author and radio host Vaishali who will speak about her book "Wisdom Rising".

Are you doing what you are meant to do? Do you struggle daily with questions about your value, power and self-worth? Well, that’s why God invented Vaishali. With her unique perspective on life, her contagious sense of humor and sharp wit, Vaishali transforms wisdom into useful concepts you can incorporate into your everyday life. She will have you mastering your limitations faster than you can say enlightenment.

“You Are What You Love, and You Love Whatever You Are Giving Your Attention To” is something you will hear Vaishali repeat often. This simple yet profound maxim originated by Vaishali has assisted hundreds of thousands to detoxify their lives, bodies and emotions, empowering them to reclaim their value, power and self-worth.

Lt. Col. Rob "Waldo" Walman

Whether you are a senior executive, a mid-level manager, entrepreneur or a new hire fresh out of college, your success depends on the support of trusted associates to help you maximize your potential and reach the top. The belief that maverick leaders and self-made entrepreneurs set the bar is no longer relevant in today's volatile business world. While self-leadership is critical to success, no one performs at their highest level without the support of equally skilled partners. Fighter pilots call these partners wingmen. Like the world of aerial combat, today's high stakes business world operates faster than the speed of sound. Teamwork and trust are critical to overcome the missiles of adversity, fear and change. Like a fighter pilot, you too need wingmen to help you to conquer these missiles and take positive action that will lead to success. Our next guest former combat decorated fighter pilot Lt. Col. Rob "Waldo" Waldman who has had 65 combat missions in Iraq & Serbia talks to us today about his book “Never Fly Solo” and shares his business critical concepts for success and delivers a very human message: we all have missiles in life to overcome and we can't do it alone.

Linda Watson

Fascinating talk with author of the book "Facing Death: A Companion In Words and Images". A must have for anyone who has a loved one who is terminally ill. The challenge of preparing for one's own death is enormous. It is difficult to overcome one's own reluctance to talk about death and dying -- let alone the fear of family and friends -- and yet it helps the process for the words to be shaped. In addition, in the final stages of life, the endurance for study is limited but the need for meaningful content is very great. The morsels of wisdom and comfort in Facing Death, along with the beautiful, accompanying nature photographs, address these needs. Throughout, this book allows readers to make their own sense of what is presented, to access what is offered in their own fashion, to identify particular items for frequent re-visiting, to personalize and customize, if and as they wish.

Wanda Blayhut Wierzbicki

I guess I need to begin today’s interview, as I have a few times in the past stating how much we truly respect and honor our men and women serving our country in the Armed Forces. They risk their lives to defend our freedoms each and every day and we nothing but the utmost respect for them. Today we are going to talk about one soldier. There are so many stories out there of brave, heroic men and women who have given all of their lives for our great country. Hopefully we can continue to find and share these great stories with you. Today’s story is about a brother, a Sgt, who served in Iraq until he was diagnosed with brain cancer. He was a member of the New Jersey National Guard. He was deployed in Iraq in 2004. The book is titled “Without Surrender: A Tribute To A Soldier.” The book is about this brave soldier, his life, his family. It is full of personal photos which gives us an insight into his life. The book was written by his sister. And she is our guest today. Please welcome to Your Life Matters Wanda Blahut Wierzbicki.

Dr. Richard A. Wolfe

When most of us think about turning 70, we picture ourselves lying on the beach, or on the golf course or for women shopping, caring for their garden. Basically relaxing and enjoying life’s golden years. Our next guest spent his 70th birthday on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro on his way to the top. His preparations and the accomplishment of his dream, highlighting the people who helped him achieve his goal, is inspiration for us all. But does he just climb mountains? Nope. He who traveled the world to bring back vines to create a wine industry in the North Carolina high country. He established the first commercial winery in this region of the Appalachians. Thirty-five vineyards owe their genesis to his work. And I am not done yet. He is a scientist and has been working on creating what he calls “Super Clean” coal called carbonite. Today we are going to talk about the book “Climbing Kilimanjaro at 70” and this breakthrough technology of carbonite. Please welcome to Your Life Matters an author, a man who earned his Ph.D. in nuclear engineering at the University of Cincinnati, works with the U.S. Department of Energy and holds a patent to remove mercury pollutants from coal Dr. Richard A. Wolfe.