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Kim Atchley

It is a very unfortunate fact but for many people we are one day, if we have not already, are going to have to care for an elderly parent. Here is today’s question, “Are you ready? Do you know what you will be up against?” Some have an idea but it is more than just feeding and bathing.  You will need to help a parent with limited mobility, memory, ability, and resources, draw from the wisdom of Scripture, understand the elderly parent’s perspective on giving up control, illness, and aging, effectively organize forms, prescriptions, care, housing, and finances and find personal balance by nurturing their own health, faith, and family. All of this and more can be found in the book we will be discussing today called “WHEN YOUR AGING PARENT NEEDS CARE: PRACTICAL HELP FOR THE SEASON OF LIFE.” The book was co-authored by Candy Arrington and our guest today on Your Life Matters Kim Atchley.

Susan Bowman

Here is today’s question: Do you have a story to tell? Have you ever wondered if your life experiences’ are fascinating or should be written down? You also know that other people telling your story would never do it the same justice then if you wrote the story yourself? How do you get started? What would I write about first? The book we will be discussing today will help you get started and serve as a guide to help you get your story down as well as help you achieve that peaceful feeling and renewed strength. And you can start right now! The name of the book is called Memoir Star: Start Telling Your Life Story. According to runawayteens.org One in seven kids between the ages of 10 and 18 will run away at some point. And there are 1 million to 3 million runaway and homeless kids living on the streets in the United States. The book was written by two runaways, Erika Karres and Susan Bowman. Susan joins us today and will tell you about her childhood in Connecticut and her running away. This book is a simple step-by-step plan to help you draft your memoir using prompts to guide you. It is our pleasure to welcome one of the authors of this book, Susan Bowman to Your Life Matters. 


Our next guest is doing her job to make the world a more beautiful place. She's painted faces in the studios of Paris, on the beaches of Brazil, and on the streets of Havana. She's lived in Los Angeles, Milan, Miami, and now makes her home in New York, where she has established herself as a top fashion makeup artist. Her work can be seen on the editorial pages of leading magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, InStyle, O, Essence, Self, Lucky, Seventeen, Marie Claire, and Glamour. Her commercial clients include Maybelline, Sephora, Clairol, Avon, Aveeno, CoverGirl, Almay, Bath and Body Works, Sally Hansen, Crest Whitestrips, Q-tips, and CIBA. But she is also a very successful author as well. Today we are going to talk about her books “The Five Minute Face: The Quick & Easy Makeup Guide For Every Woman”, “Get Positively Beautiful: The Ultimate Guide To Looking & Feeling Gorgeous” and her newest book “Crazy, Busy, Beautiful: Beauty Secrets For Getting Gorgeous Fast”. I get the sneaky suspicion that you might even know this person from Television as well. She has taught millions of both men and women the latest makeup and skin tips and tricks on the TLC’s hit TV show “What Not To Wear”. It is our honor to welcome to Your Life Matters author and makeup artist Carmindy.

M. Ellen "Melon" Dash

Do you wish you could swim, have fun and exercise in water wherever you go? Since 1912, adults and children have taken the same "20th Century" lessons.  Those lessons teach strokes, but many students fail to learn strokes because they're afraid in the water. They ask, "What if I drown? What if I sink? What if I panic? I want to feel safe before you teach me strokes." Strokes do not provide comfort or control in water. So we get to the heart of the problem. Once you overcome fear, you can learn to swim. You cannot learn what to do with your arms and legs if you're afraid you might not live. Our guest today, is the author of the book, “CONQUER YOUR FEAR OF WATER: AN INNOVATIVE SELF-DISCOVERY COURSE IN SWIMMING” and is founder of the organization Miracle Swimming Institute , M. Ellen (Melon) Dash.

Shawn Marie Edgington

The internet can be a truly amazing place. It is a product of modern technology. Everyone wants the new iPhone or the latest computer gadget that connects to the Internet. You can update and read your Facebook page from it. You can tweet to all of your followers. Take and send photos or videos. Stay in constant contact with your BFFs. OK…so if you are like me, you are saying OK, I text every once in a while…do not see the big deal…thought that was what email was for. I want my phone to CALL someone and SPEAK to them. But Jenn will tell you I am old. Technology is great but it also brings major problems and new avenues for problems to develop. So if you are like me, you have not a clue what they are doing with today’s technology. Think back, we had a problem learning where the keys were on a keyboard to type. Today with their thumbs kids knock out texts faster than we can think them. But seriously, here are some of the problems….cyber bullying, sexting, textual harassment, sextortion just to name a few. Confused? As a parent you better not be. This is your child you are speaking about and you better learn and learn quick. The books we will discuss today are meant to do just that. The books are “READ BETWEEN THE LINES” and the book “THE PARENT’S GUIDE TO TEXTING, FACEBOOK AND SOCIAL MEDIA: UNDERSTANDING THE BENEFITS AND DANGERS OF PARENTING IN A DIGITAL WORLD.” Our guest today is Americas leading “Texpert” and cyberbullying prevention expert. I will let her tell you more about herself, but please welcome to Your Life Matters SHAWN MARIE EDGINGTON.

Dave Farrow

And good morning and welcome to...uhm…uhm  Your Life Matters…OK so I was kidding forgetting the name of our show just now, but let’s be serious and start off right away with today’s question, “Don’t you wish you had a better memory?” I do not care whether you need to remember a client’s name, a phone number, scripture, or details of a book, there is no question a better memory would help. Thinking about learning a foreign language? Think, at my age that would be too hard and take me forever? Think again. We are going to talk about a terrific program today called “Memory Made Easy.” The author of this program broke the Guinness Book of World Records by memorizing 52 decks worth of cards with focus and memorization techniques. Late in 2008, he broke his record by memorizing 59 decks of cards. He believes that anyone can improve their memory, improve their reading and learning capacities. You don’t need special skills or abilities; these skills can all be developed. You have seen him on TV, he is a great speaker, runs an awesome seminar and is helping people around the world remember please welcome “The Pharaoh” or “the Memory Guy” Dave Farrow.

Jay Scott Fitter

We have all heard people say it was easy making a child, but there was no instruction manual on how to raise them. Many times we see parents who really should not be parents…have no clue on how to raise a child and the poor child is the one that is going to be messed up when he or she gets older. So where do we get the skills and those great strategies to make raising a child more effective and successful? Well our guest today says it does not have to be quite so difficult. As parents we want our children to be happy and well adjusted. And the book we will be discussing today, “Respect Your Children: A Practical Guide To Effective Parenting.” This book gives us the tools to make the really important investment in our children’s lives. And our guest today is going to answer the question what does it mean to respect your children? He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. For the past nineteen years, he has counseled with children, adolescents and parents alike, helping them to work through their issues and improve their lives. He has worked in private practice settings, and foster care, as well as juvenile detention facilities and as you can imagine his experience has taught him a lot about parenting and children. It is our honor to welcome to Your Life Matters Show Jay Scott Fitter.

Shirley Friedenthal and
Howard Eisenberg

When we think about dating and dating websites, you usually hear about let us help find your perfect mate! You will sometimes hear, “Can a man or woman over 35 still find romance?” What if you are 50 or 60 or even older? Are you doomed to eat alone most nights or just go to bed with a book? It is a rare occasion that Hollywood shows too many romances and lively relationships about people 60 and over! I want to read you a quick quote from the book” Senior Women are no laughing matter! Today, thanks in part to a patchwork of medical and anatomical miracles, there are more than 20 million of us the U.S. – ready for action. Happily there are more men than there used to be too, well over 15 million and growing. “ The problem is too many people 50 and over have given up looking for their “Perfect Mate”. Well our guest today says it’s never too late. We did it and so can you! Today we have the pleasure of speaking with author Howard Eisenberg. He, along with author Shirley Friedenthal have written the book “It’s Never Too Late To Date: Shirley & Howards RX’s for Dating and Mating Over 50”.

Nancy Juetten

With today’s economy on such shaky ground, we are all worrying about whether our jobs will be there in a few months. There are some indicators things are slowly getting better. This means that many people who lost their jobs are going to apply for these new openings. So here is today’s question for businesses…”How good is your bio? Also, during a down economy, many entrepreneurs who have lost their regular job, take a chance and start their own businesses. So do you have that sassy sound bite that will attract customers or clients? What if I told you that there is a Do It Yourself expert that can help? What if I were to tell you that if you are unemployed, you REALLY need to listen to this interview closely and purchase the book we will speak about today. The book is called “Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide” and it will assist you in areas you have probably not even thought about. Our guest today is a publicist, a newspaper columnist, speaker, blogger, workshop leader, story teller and author who shows business owners how to get seen, heard, celebrated, and compensated in their own backyards … and beyond. Please welcome to Your Life Matters Nancy Juetten.

(no book)

Mark Lindemer

Mark is the owner of the website www.wed-perfect.com. A DJ for many years, his company helps you plan your wedding to make the day a great success! If you are planning a wedding in the near future...this is a must listen interview! Mark believes that receptions should be fun, not work, and so should the advance planning. Now, for the first time, Mark would like to put the experience of six thousand wedding receptions and the refinement of twenty-five years to work for you, too, with Wedding Reception Perfection! Mark adds, "A successful reception starts with a great plan. This is what a bride and groom needs to make their reception a hit. Enjoy, and most of all, have fun!" Discover everything you need to make your reception carefree and fun with our interactive, comprehensive 8 Step Planning Program. With Wedding Reception Perfection as your personal consultant, you'll create your own customized music, announcement and activity plan with on-line ease.

(no book)

Fire Chief Jay Maddux

Our guest was Westport Fire Chief Jay Maddux who was kind enough to join us to speak about Fire Prevention week and tips to keep you and your home safe.

Deanne Marie

How many of you stress out when you have to get a gift for someone? Whether it be for our spouse or loved ones or friends, we always are searching for that perfect gift. We want to make that person have a smile from ear to ear when they open our gift and not a “gee thanks” response. Do you know what it takes to be a good gift giver? No? Then today is your lucky day. We are about to give you a truly awesome gift. We are going to be talking about the awesome book, “GIFT GIVING FOR BUSY PEOPLE: THE STRESS FREE GUIDE TO FIND THE PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION ON ANY BUDGET.” I mean this book will help you with inspiring gift giving ideas on top of ways to reduce the stress we put on ourselves when we think about gift giving. Now our author today is a busy person also. She is a writer, attorney, award-winning speaker, volunteer, developer of the Smart Solutions For Busy People books and e-books. But I am going to let her tell you about her self…so please welcome to Your Life Matters Deanne Marie.

Gail Rubin

If I asked you, “Do you plan on dying?” you would probably answer “not for a long time or in fact ever if I had my way.” But let’s face it…we have had a zero success rate with trying to live forever. Some die tragically way too young. Some die from cancer. Some from a horrible accident. The inevitable is eventually going to happen. How ready are you? You might or at least should have insurance in place. Maybe and I said maybe your burial plot picked out. Even some have their will prepared and up to date. I truly hope you have done all of the above. Do not leave your family burdened with all of that after you pass. Now, what about your funeral? Have you taken the steps necessary for that as well? Do you know what type of funeral you want? Music to be played? How to be dressed? Do you want a “Green Burial”? How about a cyber funeral? Party afterwards? Favors? Today we are going to try not to be morbid and talk about funerals. It is a subject many of us do not want to talk about much less plan. Today we are going to talk about the great book. “A GOOD GOODBYE: FUNERAL PLANNING  FOR THOSE WHO DON’T PLAN TO DIE”. The author has planned or spoke at hundreds of funerals. She is a Breast Cancer survivor and a member of the Association for Death Education and Counseling. Please welcome to our show Gail Rubin.

Robert Siciliano

We have all seen the commercial where the bulky male is sitting on a coach sounding like a female talking about all of the items they purchased with the other person’s credit card number. Sadly though, it is probably a safe bet to even say that either we, or someone close to us that we know, has had some type of identity theft. Fraudulent charges on your Visa, home burglarized, someone hacking your Facebook account, someone even getting hold of your social security number and ruining your credit. It is very scary. So scary people are afraid to even use their credit cards on the Internet anymore. So what do we do to protect ourselves? Our guest today is committed to informing, educating and empowering American’s so they can be protected from violence and crime in the physical and virtual world. We are going to be talking about the book, “The Safety Minute: How to Take Control of Your Personal Security and Prevent Fraud.” Our guest has been featured on the Today show, CNN, Fox. MSNBC and in USA Today and more. He is the CEO of IDRgeftSecurity.com and a security consultant to intelius.com. Please welcome to Your Life Matters Robert Siciliano.

Julie Subotky

OK so let’s start off today’s interview with a few questions…Have you ever wondered how to put a photo on a cookie? How about how to create your own wine cellar? Maybe brew your own beer? And my favorite, How to be a Comedian? OK so many of you try, especially on the comedian one, but seriously there are a lot of things we sometimes wish we could do, but just have no clue how to begin. Well today, maybe we can help. Now come one, how many of you travel and have your luggage lost? Men, how many of you have heard you wife say that she wishes you would organize your closet? Well all of this and more is answered for you. In fact 228 of them are answered in this great book titled, “Consider It Done: Accomplish 228 of Life’s Trickiest Tasks. I want to read you 2 reviews of our guest today Julie Subotky’s book…”Julie Subotky’s secrets for getting things done are nothing short of problem-solving genius.” That was written by Evelyn Lauder, Senior VP is Estee Lauder Companies. Or how about Chris Evert who wrote, “I can’t remember the last time I read a book that was so useful and funny at the same time. No question in my mind: this book is a winner.” Or maybe “I truly believe that every home in America should have this book. We should give it to people when they get their own place so they will know the wonderful and easy tips and secrets to do many of the things you thought were impossible for you to do!” OK, I wrote that last one, but it is the truth. Our guest today is an author, the founder, CEO and owner of a company called Consider It Done. It is a high-end lifestyle management and personal concierge company which she will tell us more about today. Please welcome to Your Life Matters Julie Subotky.