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Roger Dean Kiser
Andrew Puel

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Let me read something to you…

This story is more about a feeling of desperation than it is about the actual beating(s) itself. The pain a child feels when being degraded and made to feel that one is totally worthless; that they are all alone and totally helpless is a very difficult feeling to express. It is a feeling that is never forgotten. The men, when telling their stories of abuse, try to express those feelings in more of a physical manner, a manner in which others might be able to somewhat comprehend their pain as well as their sorrow. Let there be no doubt that the beatings were horrific. However, other than the scars, those beatings healed and left a very sorrowful memory. But the fear and the feelings of ... More >being degraded (while trying to understand how to become a man) never healed. It was those feelings that turned into hatred. It is those feelings (not the beatings) that destroyed many of these men, me included. “I look at the Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement investigation into the White House Boys allegations no differently than had the state of California ask Charles Manson to investigate whether he killed Sharon Tate and the LaBianca family. With blood on its mouth and paws, the state of Florida has appointed a division of itself to look into whether or not boys under their care and direct jurisdiction were raped, molested, beaten and possibly murdered. Considering this; I think everyone knew what the final outcome would be.”

What I just read was written by author Roger Kiser. Many of you will remember Roger who joined us on one of our earlier shows with his book The White House Boys: AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY. If you do not remember the interview, I HIGHLY recommend you go back and listen to the interview. Roger joins us today with author Andrew Puel. Roger and Andrew have released the book THE TRUTH? YOU DECIDE and it is our pleasure to welcome Roger and Andrew to our show today.


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