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Sondra Kornblatt

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For many people, Insomnia has meant nights of frustration, tossing and turning, being wide awake with no rest in sight. You watch TV, play on Facebook, take sleeping pills (which has increased 60% in 6 years), do laundry, do some housecleaning, everything you can think of since you cannot sleep. Well there is a new program that helps insomniacs mimic the benefits of sleep so they can greet the mornings refreshed. If you are among the 70 million sleep-deprived Americans who do battle every night this is the show you need to listen to. This book will show you how to use your waking night hours to quiet your mind, replenish your creativity, and relax deeply. You'll come to accept your insomnia and discover how to derive enough of the benefits of sleep to be able to get up in the morning feeling refreshed. The name of the book is “Restful Insomnia: How to get the Benefits of Sleep” and it is written by life coach Sondra Kornblatt who joins us today on Your Life Matters!

Every year, 70 million American adults (one-quarter to one-third of the population) have trouble falling or staying asleep, says the National Center on Sleep Disorders Research.

Lack of sleep costs the U.S. economy at least $18 billion a year in lost work productivity.

Harvard Health Letter estimates that 35 million Americans have chronic insomnia—sleep problems lasting longer than three weeks.

The problem of insomnia increases as the population ages.

More women than men suffer from insomnia.

Persistent sleep loss can worsen moods as well as diminish coordination, memory, concentration, and decision-making ability.

Thousands of books on the subject of insomnia have been published, but the majority of self-help books focus on combating insomnia, rather than embracing it.

Creative Insomnia teaches an enlightened and fresh perspective, helping its audience learn to transform “the dark night of the soul” into delicious relaxation and wisdom.

Sondra Kornblatt developed Restful Insomnia (formerly Creative Insomnia) in the midst of a long bout of insomnia in 2000. Myriad “cures” (such as valerian, calcium, and venting in a journal) proved useless. Frustrated with the war against insomnia, Sondra fashioned a distinctive approach to befriending herself in the night. She drew on thirty years of visualization, meditation, therapy, yoga, spirituality, and other personal work to appreciate the quiet time. She developed several novel insomnia techniques and innovative ways to use familiar ones to renew. By learning to renew and replenish while awake at night, she greeted the mornings refreshed.

Sondra loves to share her unique approach and insights with others affected by insomnia. She is a frequent speaker and presents Restful Insomnia seminars and workshops both in-person and through teleclasses. She has taught students at the University of Washington Women’s Center, the Northwest Women’s Show, East-West Bookstore, Whole Foods, and the annual Women of Wisdom Conference to understand the body/mind healing connection of Creative Insomnia. Contact her today if you’re interested in her classes.

Sondra is a life coach who helps sleepless and deep-sleeping clients reach inner dreams—in the day or night. She helps clients integrate their essential wisdom with daily needs, and stay accountable to moving forward. Contact her today to set up a complimentary session.

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