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Ed Kowalski

Our guest today is a good friend, advocate and American Ed Kowalski. Ed is one of the Board of Directors for the 9/11 Families For A Secure America (you will see banners throughout our website).

On this visit with Your Life Matters, Ed will discuss the upcoming trials of the 4 Muslim terrorists in NYC. You will NOT want to miss this interview.

They are the families and victims of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks and other violent crimes committed by illegal aliens, a coalition of multi-ethnic, naturalized and native-born U.S. citizens, all working together to prevent future terrorist attacks and to secure our Nation for generations to come.

9/11 Families for a Secure America testify before Congress in 2008

The goal of the 9/11 FSA Foundation is to educate Americans about the continuing threat that open borders and illegal immigration represent. Illegal immigration and terrorism are inextricably linked; the entry of terrorists into the U.S. cannot be stopped without ending illegal immigration.

Open borders and mass illegal immigration were central to Osama bin Laden's plans to invade the U.S. and commit mass murder. These same open borders and continued mass illegal immigration have set the stage for continued crimes committed by criminal illegal aliens against the American public

It is therefore obvious, as the 9/11 Commission stated, that open borders, unrestricted illegal immigration are among the greatest dangers Americans face.

Ed Kowalski is a Director of the 9/11 FSA Foundation. His 17 year old niece, Elizabeth Butler was murdered in June 2005 by illegal alien Ariel Menendez. Menendez had prior felony and misdemeanor convictions prior to murdering Elizabeth.

Mr. Kowalski has volunteered part time since 2005 in the cause of securing U.S. borders against entry illegal aliens and the terrorists and violent felons who hide among them. Further, he has provided counseling and legal assistance to the families of crime victims of illegal aliens.

In his personal capacity he was instrumental in drafting key provisions of New York State Assembly Bill A10593 (Criminal Illegal Alien Deportation and Legal Hiring Act). He has organized numerous law enforcement symposiums and public hearings on the issue of criminal illegal alien activity. Recently, he has called for public hearings on New York State's potential homeland security breach by bringing forth the issue that New York has issued 23,000 drivers licenses to foreign visitors that occurred within the brief two month window at the inception of former Governor Spitzer's ill conceived and now withdrawn policy to grant driver's licenses to undocumented aliens. 

He also recently testified before the Arizona state Senate in support of Senator Russell Pearce's efforts to eliminate state funding to those Arizona municipalities that have sanctuary policies in place. Sanctuary cities protect illegal aliens through local resolutions, executive orders or city ordinances.

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