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Ed Kowalski

In a few months, we will be honoring and remembering the victims and the families from 9/11. It is amazing to me at least that it has been 10 years since that tragic event took place throughout America. So what have we done to make America safer in the past ten years? Is there anyone looking out for our interests? 12 Americans are murdered every day by illegal aliens. (that’s more than 21,900 murders by illegal aliens since 9/11). 13 people per day are killed by illegal immigrants who drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 62% of all “undocumented immigrants” in the United States are working for cash and not paying taxes, predominantly illegal aliens, working without a green card. Concerned yet? We are. But there is some good news. There are people fighting hard to protect us. NO, I am not talking about the great and brave men and women of the US Armed Forces, I am talking about a group of people, who realize that immigration issues were a major problem before 9/11 and continue to be today, 10 years later. Illegal immigrants here in our country costs taxpayers 113 billion dollars with 75% of that absorbed by the states! Think the economy is bad, last year you spent approx $1,117 in taxes to support illegals! There has been legislation to give driver’s licenses to them, include them in census statistics, and of course border issues.  Our guest today is no stranger to our show. In fact if you watch Fox News, he may not appear a stranger there either as he has appeared numerous times on numerous shows. His name is Ed Kowalski. He is part of the Board of Directors, the Treasurer actually of the 9/11 Families For A Secure America Foundation. It is our honor to welcome back to Your Life Matters Ed Kowalski. 


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