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Steven A. LaChance

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Its screams still wake me from sleep. I see the faceless man standing in the basement butcher shower washing away the blood from his naked body. He turns, and his eyes sweep across me. The room begins to spin...

What kind of evil lives at the Union Screaming House?

In this true and terrifying firsthand account, our next guest author, speaker, radio host and producer Steven LaChance reveals how he and his three children were driven from their Union, Missouri, home by demonic attackers in his book “The Uninvited”. LaChance chronicles how the house's relentless supernatural predators infest those around them.

Steven is a Haunted Survivor, Author, Speaker, Talk Show Radio Host, and Executive Producer.

Steven founded Missouri Paranormal Research and co-founded the Paranormal Task Force after living through an extreme haunting himself along with his family and friends.  Steven developed the idea of The Humanistic Approach to investigation in order to help others.  In July of 2007, Steven left MPR and PTF to pursue independent endeavors.  

Stevens focus is on extreme, private hauntings. These investigations are typically dangerous and intense in nature with either an individual or a family endangered by a demon. He has successfully investigated and concluded many such cases because of his personal background in negative hauntings, the network of investigators he has developed over the years and upon whom he relies for back up and/or advice, and his compassion for people.

He is frequently called upon to speak about various investigations he was involved in, and he has also been a featured guest on several radio stations across the US, the UK, Canada, Asia, and parts of South Africa. Steven is not a stranger to television interviews either and has had many interviews with him published in newspapers and magazines across the US.  In October of 2006, "Fear House" premiered as the first show of the third season of the Discovery Channels, "A Haunting."  This show featured Steven and the story of the Union Haunting and was later rated as the #1 episode in that series.  In addition, he has been interviewed and filmed for inclusion in numerous paranormal documentaries.  He also has begun directing his own projects with the release of The Morse Mill Project.

Steven is also a published author. His short story was published by Barnes and Noble in 2006, and he is a contributor to magazines dealing with paranormal activity.  In 2008,The Uninvited was released by Llwellyn Worldwide as a major project.  The book received critical acclaim. The Uninvited is being released in a French version in 2010.   Steven was also included the books Weird Hauntings and Weird Missouri. Steven has numerous other writing projects that he is currently working on. His newest book, Crazy, is with his writing partner and fellow Survivor Denice Jones.

Steven is a much sought after lecturer.  Steven’s personal experience, his involvement in many other paranormal experiences, and the philosophy he has developed towards paranormal investigations make him a fascinating speaker.  

Steven also has a background in corporate training and is available for on-site training on developing working relationships within companies and how the “humanistic” approach to investigating the paranormal can be used to create a successful and enjoyable work environment.

Steven is a Talk Show Radio Host and Executive Producer by day.  He is a top notch interviewer that has been admired by some of the best.  He also uses these skills on the weekly paranormal Internet talk show with Denice Jones called, "Haunted Survivor."

Steven’s interest in the paranormal is a fluke. By all common standards he lived a perfectly normal life until he and his three children moved into an extremely haunted and dangerous house. This haunting is factual and has been well documented. Because this terrifying experience involved his own children, one way to get him quickly involved in an investigation is to tell him that there is a child involved. Based on his own life experiences, Steven doesn’t have to search for proof of the paranormal. He’s met it face-to-face.


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