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Joseph P. Laycock

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Now if I said to you that we were going to talk about Transylvania and Dracula you would probably know the subject we will be discussing. Many younger people will know if I were to mention Edward Cullin and The Twilight Saga. How about Count Chocola? Remember if you cover your neck try to remember to leave your ears out so you can hear this interview. Now I jest a little but today we are going to talk about Vampires. I am talking about true, modern day vampires. Not Hollywood movies and their portrayals…but real people, people living amongst us today. What do we know about these modern day vampires? Do they only come out at night? Do they need blood to survive? No. This is not Hollywood or fiction. So then you ask, what exactly is a real vampire? I am glad you asked. And so is our guest today. The book we will be discussing is called “Vampires Today: The Truth about Modern Vampirism.” Is this interview going to scare you? No, if it did we would have run it on Halloween. It is a serious look at the world of vampires and how they live in modern day society. It will answer the question, what is a vampire? Please welcome to Your Life Matters Joseph Laycock.

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