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Ann Mody Lewis, Ph.D.

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I am going to start right off with today’s question…”Do you really understand your spouse?” I mean do you know why he or she does what she does? No this is not the typical men are from Mars, women are from Venus interview. I think if you ask both spouses they would say the other one is from outer space…some far away planet anyway. But seriously, who you are and who you have become is shaped by so many things including family and culture. Today we are going to take a closer look at this question and seek some answers. We are going to discuss two truly amazing books. The newest book is titled “Kiss Your Life! 365 Reasons to Love Who You Are” How will you understand your life? How will you identify the unhealthy truths you thought were normal? Kiss Your Life! will take you on a mystical journey inside of your subconscious mind where gendered beliefs live and breathe. It will give gender a voice and a face that you will recognize. These readings of 365 topics will stimulate your mind, challenge your beliefs and inspire you to live life as it was always meant to be lived. The second is titled “Me, Again: The Untold Story of Every Woman’s Life”.  This book is an invitation to every woman who wonders about the meaning of her life and longs for personal peace. Me, Again will compassionately lead women on a journey towards inner peace and self-liberation. The books are written by psychotherapist, author, lecturer and educator and our very special guest today on Your Life Matters, Dr. Ann Lewis. 

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