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Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.

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Let's start with today's question...Are you truly convinced that your doctor's medicine is the only form of healing available? Before you answer this, think of all of the alternative medicines and approaches being used today. Chiropractic, just to mention one, everyone knows about and most readily accept as safe and effective. What if we talked about Reiki or Medical Intuitive or Alternative Healer? I wonder how many of our listeners have ever heard of those word or understand what they mean and what happens during a session? What if I asked you about Touching The Light? Most would tell me if better not have been on for a long period of time or they will burn the fingers and hands. Well we are not talking about a light bulb...but the light....the energy...the healing energy. Now I probably have you confused, which is OK. You need to realize that you can heal the body, mind and spirit using energy. Not talking about sticking you in an electrical generator either. The book we are going to discuss today is titled, " TOUCHING THE LIGHT - WHAT MIRACLES ARE MADE OF - HEALING BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT BY MERGING WITH GOD CONSCIOUSNESS". Our guest today you may recognize as she has been a past guest on our show. She is also a dedicated and experienced medical intuitive and alternative healer. She is an accomplished Author of multiple books including her Bestselling "The Secret History of Consciousness" and the international bestseller "The Children of Now among others. She has authored the Online Messages for over 10 years and is a regular contributor to varying publications. She is the host of Cosmic Particles, a live internet radio show every Wednesday at 6:30 pm pacific time on the Awakening Zone. She is a national and international Keynote Speaker and also lectures worldwide. She has also served as a consultant to Good Morning America and 20/20. It is our honor to welcome back to Your Life Matters show Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey.


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