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Deanne Marie

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How many of you stress out when you have to get a gift for someone? Whether it be for our spouse or loved ones or friends, we always are searching for that perfect gift. We want to make that person have a smile from ear to ear when they open our gift and not a “gee thanks” response. Do you know what it takes to be a good gift giver? No? Then today is your lucky day. We are about to give you a truly awesome gift. We are going to be talking about the awesome book, “GIFT GIVING FOR BUSY PEOPLE: THE STRESS FREE GUIDE TO FIND THE PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION ON ANY BUDGET.” I mean this book will help you with inspiring gift giving ideas on top of ways to reduce the stress we put on ourselves when we think about gift giving. Now our author today is a busy person also. She is a writer, attorney, award-winning speaker, volunteer, developer of the Smart Solutions For Busy People books and e-books. But I am going to let her tell you about her self…so please welcome to Your Life Matters Deanne Marie.

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