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Edith Marks

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So you go to the eye doctor since you know you need to have your vision checked. There are all kinds of tests depending on the optometrist you go to. We all know of that one test when we put our chin up against this machine that looks like it has a microscope aimed at you. The doctors tell you one of the tests they are going to perform is a Glaucoma test. Well here is today’s question…What is glaucoma? Can you go blind from it? Can it be cured? Do I need surgery? How do we treat it? See, unless you actually get glaucoma you probably do not know the answers to this unless you are an MD. Think about being diagnosed with it. Think about your spouse, parent or child being diagnosed with it? You will probably immediately panic and think the worse. In a lot of cases that is a common reaction. But today we are going to set the record straight on glaucoma. The book we will discuss is called “GLAUCOMA: PATIENT TO PATIENT A COPING GUIDE FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.” The book is an encyclopedia of information—actually a reference book on glaucoma.   It is designed for those who want to learn more about their glaucoma conditions.  Explained here are some answers to questions that glaucoma patients may not receive from their busy doctors. It is our honor to welcome the author of this great book to Your Life Matters,
Edith Marks.

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